BuilderAll vs Clickfunnels

Builderall V/S Clickfunnels

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Platform?

Today’s world is a world of fast-changing information and technology. Many new things are being discovered every day.

With these marvelous inventions, an enormous amount of marketing tools, services, web plugins, and platforms are available in the market. Choosing the right type of marketing tool for your online business can become frustrating sometimes.

You cannot choose one tool for building your landing pages, another for creating your site, and yet another separate tool for advertising and selling your product. That could be quite annoying and deadly expensive!

To run a successful online business you need to have a powerful all-in-one marketing tool that would not only boost your internet marketing but also enhance your online marketing skills.

So, online marketers cheer up! And get ready to bring your ideas to real life because here I’m going to present you a non-biased and fair comparison of two well-known, verified, and most productive digital marketing tools i.e. BuilderAll vs Clickfunnels.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve tried both marketing tools personally and experienced the exclusive features of both. Therefore in this article, I’ve compared the services and features of both marketing platforms and drawn the results.

I would like you to scroll down and go through, step by step all the features, pros, and cons of both marketing platforms and then see the real difference between BuilderAll and Clickfunnels.

You’ll agree with my conclusion! So shall we start?

What is BuilderAll?

Builderall Logo

Well, to answer this question I would use only one word i.e. it’s an all-in-one digital marketing platform. That’s not enough? Ok then go ahead!

BuilderAll is a basic, all-in-one website builder and the best platform to boost your online business. It’s a complete marketing platform, containing all the essential marketing tools and services that you need to run a successful online business.

This platform is built to facilitate the entrepreneurs, small businesses, and common users who do not have high-tech knowledge and skills. This premium marketing platform is focused on promoting the online visibility, marketing value, and sales process of low business owners. 

Here I must say that BuilderAll is a golden ticket for newbies in the world of internet marketing, as it’s the simplest and easiest way to establish and grow your online business. It’s the best one-stop solution to all your problems, as it houses all the features and services under one roof.

So rather than purchasing different tools for each sector of your online business, you can have access to all the features and services in one place!

Incredible Features of BuilderAll

After having an introduction with BuilderAll I would like you to have a look at its splendid features. This will help you understand that, why this elite marketing platform is a perfect pick for you!

BuilderAll Drag & Drop Editor – Pixel Perfect Builder

This is the feature where I first got confused with its types, as Builderall offers three built-in drag and drop visual editors i.e. drag & drop pixel-perfect, drag & drop responsive editor, and drag & drop mobile-first editor.

But the real difference between the three editors is their kind of responsive view that they offer. These amazing builders allow you to see your website on different devices that how it would look like on mobile, desktop, or smartphones.

With Drag & drop pixel-perfect you can change the text, images, colors, layout, themes, configuration, and many other elements.

You just have to choose an element by clicking it then drag and drop it on the selected place and feel free to edit it! You make your eBook covers, design twitter covers, Facebook covers, blog headers, and lot more!

After designing, you can have mobile-version, tablet-version, and desktop-version of your site.

Free Website Hosting

Once you choose a domain for your website you can be the host of your website. No need to hang on with third-party.

You can host your sites, create your landing pages, and upload your content and ideas within minutes. You can host your site with free webinars, YouTube videos, live tutorials, and Online Chats.

Builderall Customized Template Library

 This is the feature, when I first saw it I was flabbergasted by its variety! Builderall offers a wide range of impressive, beautifully designed, professional templates. You can choose a template according to your need.

These templates are meant for blogs, websites, landing pages, thank you pages, membership pages, or for building funnels. You’re also welcome to choose templates for a specific niche.

Builderall Ecommerce Platform

One of the finest features of Builderall is e-commerce. This is the tool that every online marketer and entrepreneur needs today!

Builderall is a fully furnished e-commerce platform where you can sell all kinds of products such as physical products, digital products, or affiliate products. You can also set your payment collections, selling, manage your online products, and set your affiliate programs.

Membership Sites

You can offer a free subscription to access the content or build a paid content for your users to the membership sites.

More traffic will sign up through membership sites and you can track your leads, conversion rates, and monitor your data easily. With Builderall membership sites you can have unlimited subscribers.

Conduct Webinars

You can arrange a live webinar or a recorded webinar for your website audience 100% free of cost.

Builderall eLearning Program

This is one of the finest features of Builderall, you can create courses, tests, notes, individual mocks, worksheets, and lessons with this feature.

You can also manage teachers’ and students’ interaction and connectivity with this eLearning program on your website.

Split Testing

With this fabulous feature, you can monitor the response of your audience and you can build the most effective webpage and sales funnels.

With little variation, you can build an identical page or funnel and check your audience’s love for that design. Ultimately this split testing will help you make the most engaging and interactive web page or sales funnels.

Buiderall App Creator

One of the coolest features of Builderall is that you can build your desired apps with Builderall App creator. This feature is used for creating, editing, and publishing mobile apps. You can display these apps on different platforms without any payment.

If you want to build your apps on popular app stores such as Apple App store, Aweber, Shopify, or Amazon, you can make it within minutes by having a personal account with these App stores.

Sharing of Website

If you want to share your website and funnels with your partners, friends, users, guests, or customers then you’re welcome to do so with Builderall.

Builderall Mailing Boss

At Builderall, you will get the best email marketing automation tool through mailing Boss i.e. an email autoresponder; you can send unlimited automated emails to your customers and conduct lots of online campaigns without any limit.

With this email autoresponder, you can target your audience, collect your leads information, and track their activities. Builderall Autoresponder generates emails automatically and hence solves the problems of your customers on the spot.

This feature will not help you to track your target audience but also help you to engage them with your site.

Full On-page SEO Optimization

Builderall ensures your presence in the top-ranking sites, therefore its on-page SEO feature optimizes each page of your website and keeps you high in search engines. It also confirms the flourishing areas of your website and highlights the areas that need modifications and improvements. Read Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.

Builderall Facebook Messenger Chatbot

This feature is superb and unbelievable that you can have a chatbot on Facebook. With this fabulous feature, you can connect to your Facebook audience. This feature enables you to see the activities and interests of your Facebook traffic without even using a computer.

More than 90% of qualified audiences love to hang out with Facebook, so this feature would ultimately improve your conversion rate.  

Floating Video

One of the incredible features that I found in Builderall is that you can make a floating video, a video that is played on the top corner with the site screen. This fantastic feature enables you to upload your filmed videos on your website. You just have to add a pixel, install the video, and run to display.

Animated Video

This is one of my favorite features, with this incredible feature you can create your animated videos. You can add animation, color, text, special sound effects, and many other exciting features with this tool.

You’re welcome to upload your videos on different networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or any other platform. If you want to upload a pre-recorded video then you can also add all the features and effects into your video. To give your video an awe-inspiring effect I highly recommend you to use this feature.

Builderall Design Studio Mockups

If you want the visual branding of your products, website, eBooks, and web content, then you can use this tool. You can create stunning and incredible images and videos with this wonderful video creator.

With this feature, you’re free to edit images, photos, texts, background, effects, size, color, and much more! You can also build attractive 3D videos and images for your website and products.

Builderall Design Studio is a complete video builder and editor and is used to create and edit images, eBooks, courses, web pages, funnels, videos, and products. You can produce interesting and engaging web content for your blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and all social networks.

Builderall Heat map Tool

One of the outstanding tools of Builderall is the Heat map that helps you to keep a complete track of your target audience and their full navigation through your website or sales funnel. This tool is designed to trace your lead’s conversion and to discover what is stopping them from being converted.

You can check the clicking of your audience on each page of your website with this efficient map tool. This will enable you to analyze your website output that which pages got more activities and engagement and which need modifications!

Builderall Blog Builder

Builderall offers you to make your Blogs through Blog builder. So, no need for third-party integrations in blogging. You can add your blogs on your website directly, just choose the category, design elements, change layouts, and add your blog to your website.

Builderall VA

Builderall welcomes you to add a virtual assistant on your website if you want. You can also manage the control and limit the access of your VA on your website.

Instant browser speed

Having too many tools in one platform could make it clunky and slow, this thing was bothering me when I first purchased Builderall. But then after using it I realized that I was wrong! And I found Buiderall as the fastest website builder of internet marketing.

You must acknowledge this fact that with every minute of your website loading your conversion rate decreases, therefore you need a streamlined and swift website builder like Builderall.

It not only offers the fastest downloading of your webpages but your website loading is highly accelerated on your mobiles, tablets, iPad, smartphones, desktop, and all other devices.

Builderall Affiliate program

Builderall offers built-in multi-tiered affiliate marketing. I must say, this is the most powerful tool of Buiderall it helped me earning millions of dollars and uplifting my online business. To join the affiliate program you just have to click the Buiderall affiliate plan.

Simply activate your account and become an active part of the Builderall affiliate or Builderall business. Builderall offers a Dream car plan which is based on two-tier commission. If you refer 100 customers as an affiliate you’ll get $500 as a commission per month. And if you’ll refer a double number then you’ll earn $1000 commission per month.

Two-tier commission means that you’ll get a commission on every single purchase. And if you provoke users to promote Builderall and bring more affiliates to the Builderall business then you’ll get an affiliate commission on the affiliate sales too.

It’s an effective way of earning money every month. So we can summarize as, that with Builderall dream car plan you can earn,

  • 100% monthly commission on each signup
  • 30% commission per month on your direct sales
  • 30% extra commission per month for your affiliate sales

Buiderall customer support (Ticket Support System)

You can get full customer support through YouTube videos, graphics, walkthroughs, tutorials, online workshops, or opening a ticket. Builderall provides customer support through their ticket system. I love and appreciate the Builderall ticket system as it’s a super-easy and efficient support system. Just open a ticket, choose the category, write your question, and submit the ticket. The member of technical the team will respond to you through your ticket, give you a notification, and sort out your issue. You can avail 24/7 hours of assistance with the Builderall customer support team.

Builderall Pricing Plans and Buying Guide

After having a detailed review of all the features of Builderall let’s check out what they offer in their different pricing plans. Generally, Builderall offers five different pricing packages, they’re given below,

  • Builderall free plan

This plan is a complete testing ground for newbies and potential online marketers. You cannot have access to your domains in this pricing plan. As this plan costs $0 so, it offers limited features.

  • 0 domains
  • 100 subscribers
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Access to unlimited Membership sites
  • Ticket support system
  • Drag & drop pixel perfect builder
  • Builderall Web-presence Package (Builder Plan)

This is the basic plan and it costs $9.90 per month. If you’re a beginner in the world of internet marketing and just want to build your website from scratch then this plan is for you. This plan offers,

  • 3 domains
  • Ticket support system
  • 100 subscribers per month
  • Builderall pixel perfect
  • Unlimited pages and sub-domains
  • Builderall Marketing Plan

This plan is built for digital marketing businesses and medium scale business owners. Its monthly cost is $29.90. This plan offers the following features,

  • 5 Domains
  • 5000 subscribers per month
  • Builderall pixel perfect builder
  • Unlimited automated email marketing
  • Unlimited web pages
  • Unlimited sub-domains
  • Builderall App creator
  • Builderall Business Plan (Essential Plan)

This plan is highly suitable for entrepreneurs and online business owners who are already running marketing campaigns. I would recommend this plan if you already have domains but you need your website hosting and other features to give a new start to your online business. The price of this plan is $49.90 per month. This plan offers the following bunch of unique and exclusive features,

  • 10 Domains
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited funnels
  • 15000 visitors per month
  • Built-in Email autoresponder or Mailing Boss
  • Builderall Affiliate program
  • Builderall dream car program
  • 3 click WordPress integration
  • Ticket support system
  • Builderall Premium Plan

If you want to be a successful online business owner and don’t want to compromise on any feature regardless of price then this plan is a perfect pick for. I would highly recommend this plan to large digital marketing organizations and groups. This plan costs $69.90 per month with access to everything you want. The classic features it offers, Check Clickfunnels vs Kartra.

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Email autoresponder or mailing Boss
  • Heat map tool
  • Ecommerce builder
  • FB Messenger Bot
  • Builder App builder
  • Full access to Builderall Business
  • Live streams on YouTube and Facebook
  • Builderall Blog builder
  • Ticketing support system

And much more!

14-Day Free Trial

This section is my personal favorite. Everyone wants to have a free trial for Builderall before purchasing it. Therefore, Builderall presents an unbelievable offer of 14 days free trial to its users to get acquainted with its complete features and applications. And the amazing this about this free trial period is that it’s without any commitments and conditions. So enjoy this big deal! Read Clickfunnels vs Unbounce.

30 Days Payment-Back Guarantee

This is the feature that fully convinced me to buy Builderall at its first glance. They offer you full payment assurance. If you’re not satisfied with the functions and use of Builderall then you can have a full refund after 30 days, isn’t this amazing!

Builderall Pros:

After having a close review of all the features and pricing plans of Builderall I’ve listed the following benefits of Builderall. Let’s have a quick review,

  • Fastest website builder with highest page speed
  • Builderall niche-specific funnels
  • Budget-friendly interface equipped with landing pages, sales pages, membership pages, thank you pages, and a lot more!
  • SEO on-page report tool
  • It has full Facebook integration Facebook inbox answers just like a Facebook autoresponder
  • It has Mailing Boss for Email marketing automation
  • Ease of use
  • It’s a Blog builder
  • Easy drag & drop responsive builder to build the landing pages, websites, and funnels that work on your mobiles, smartphones, iPad, tablets wherever you want!
  • Excellent 2 tier Affiliate program with 100% commission on all products and purchase every month
  • Best ticketing support system
  • Efficient heat mapping tool
  • You can connect to your leads any time 100% free SMS or text messaging
  • It’s equipped with designing and styling tools to make your content interactive and engaging
  • Get YouTube live streaming and Facebook live streaming
  • Free website hosting with super-speed loading time

Builderall Cons:

Despite a huge number of features and benefits of Builderall, it has some negative points as well, a few of them I’ve experienced and I’m sharing with you!

  • Since Builderall is fetched with tons of features so it becomes quite difficult and overwhelming  to get acquainted with and learn all the features and their application at the same time
  • It doesn’t provide any live chat support
  • There’re three types of drag & drop page builder and it becomes quite confusing while using them especially if you’re a newbie
  • Some of the design video and styling marketing tools are not applicable
  • Your Builderall apps would not compete the mainstream app competitors
  • User experience is not very consistent

Difference between Builderall and Clickfunnels

After having complete information about both marketing platforms, you can easily mark the difference. As I’ve used both platforms personally, I’ve drawn here an unbiased comparison, based on their above-stated features and services they offer. So, let’s take a look,

Builderall is an all-in-one sophisticated and powerful website builder with tons of toolsClickfunnels is a premium platform for building high-converting landing pages and sales funnels
Builderall is focused on building beautiful and modern websitesClickfunnels is focused on building landing pages, funnels, and selling online products
Builderall provides the landing page builder but when it comes to user experience it’s not much integrated and friendly, as it has tons of features incorporated into it so, it takes a much longer time to get acquainted with each feature, and that how it works!Clickfunnels landing page builder is totally out of the world! As it contains specific, swift, and easy-to-use tools that help you to create and design your landing pages within minutes, as it has a more user-friendly interface.
Builderall doesn’t offer single page split testing and funnel testingClickfunnels allows you to take split testing of every single page of your funnel building step which Builderall doesn’t offer.
Builderall has an email autoresponder to build your effective email listClickfunnels have one of the topmost autoresponder to run high targeted email campaigns and to boost your sales.
Builderall doesn’t offer any sharing of funnels it only offers sharing of website.Sharing of funnels is only available with Clickfunnels that allow you to share your funnels with other users, guests, or customers
Builderall offers a two-tier Affiliate program with high affiliate commission but it doesn’t offer any guidance and BackpackClickfunnels offers a complete affiliate program and backpack that allows you to manage your affiliates, your sales funnels, and sell your products.
Design studio mockups, floating video, and App builder is only available with Builderall that allows you to add 3D images with your product. With app builder you can design apps and users can download it easily on their smartphones or any other device.Clickfunnels is minimalistic and simplistic with its features, it doesn’t allow any 3D image or video designing
Buiderall offers limited training and guidance and there’s no live chat in the ticketing customer support systemClickfunnels offer unlimited guidance and training sessions via marketing experts and professionals. It’s Affiliate Bootcamp is meant for official training and to boost the online businesses
Builderall offers a wide range of five pricing plans with different features and all are extremely cost-effectiveClickfunnels offers only two pricing plans and they’re relatively expensive than Builderall price packages, however their prices worth for their features and quality!
Builderall allows you to create your blogs as it’s a perfect Blog builder too!Clickfunnels integrates with WordPress to create blogs

Final Words (Verdict):

After having a fair and clean comparison of both Builderall vs Clickfunnels, Clickfunnels is winning over Builderall with all its bonus features, ease of use, high conversion rates, selling of products, and friendly interface.

However, I’m not saying that Builderall is not good!

The main thing is that if you want to grow your online business then you don’t need a beautiful website or a website builder for that, you need a clean, settled sales funnel, so you must invest in sales funnel rather than building a pretty website.

With a website, your target audience will have many options and they will not have a clear path to follow. Setting a sales funnel will make them focus on one task and one goal. Hence, your incoming traffic would have only one right way to go!

So, I conclude here by saying that if you’re looking for a website builder, want to show your web presence, and need basic sales funnel for your online business then Builderall is a perfect choice for you.

And if you want to create high converting pages, convert your leads into paying customers, and sell your products online, then Clickfunnels should be your priority at the end of the day. Clickfunnels would help you to win your dream car!

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