What is ClickFunnels? Complete Guide for Beginners

What is the power of marketing?


Let me show that to you by giving an example,

Coca Cola is a product that no one needs, but millions of people worldwide are buying it daily. It is not in any way a thing without which someone cannot survive, then why is it being bought so much?

This is because it has been promoted so much and in various ways shown to the people that it is necessary for them. This is the power of promotion and marketing.

Promoting a product is not simple, conventionally it would take months to create a marketing strategy and then to launch the product, and even after months of work, all of it could go to waste.

A classic example is the Ford Edsel. Ford invested 400 Million in this car, and they wanted triple or quadruple amount back, but it got flopped. So what can a business person do to promote his product as Coca Cola did in such a way that people got compelled to buy it?

These days, we hear a lot about Clickfunnels that it can boost businesses, let’s talk about that!

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What is Clickfunnels?

What is clickfunnels?
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It is a simple tool that helps business people to build profitable online businesses and to sell their ideas/services/products using a method which doesn’t require them to know to code, web designing or in simple words technicalities of the creation mechanism of websites, sales funnel, webinar funnels or membership sites and much more.

If asked, anyone can easily say that speed and efficiency are the key things needed in marketing. Clickfunnels, in this modern time and age of competition, provides services swiftly and efficiently. We can say that this SaaS (Software as a Service) is the master of Sales and Marketing.

It was created by Russell Brunson and is being used by many people since 2014. It takes into account the simplicity required to sell things online by producing a channel of simple pages that arouse the need of the customer to buy that thing. These channels of pages are called sales funnels, in other words. Many of you may ask:

What is a sales funnel?

Sales Funnel

It is a modern-day marketing concept that can be referred to as an automatic selling machine. It is a journey that a person goes through before buying something. This journey is analogous to the shape of the funnel as the shape of the funnel is wide at the top.

Still, with increasing depth, its volume decreases, the same is the case with sales funnels a lot of people begin at the start of the sale process or this “journey” but as it continues people get near to the buying part.

Still, only those people get up to the end, who has a more profound commitment to buying.

Conventionally business websites were made for public awareness regarding the products of a company. Websites have a lot of links, that could be followed to do multiple actions like the links to different products.

If we open the website of the canon, the company which sells cameras and other products worldwide, there are a bunch of options and links given like products, services, get inspired, support, official store and also if we follow the page a lot of other links lead to different products.

A person who wants to buy a camera when visits this website gets lost in gathering the information about different cameras they are offering in different price ranges; this confuses him more and more.

A lot of chances are that he will not buy any of those because now he needs to consult someone. These kinds of situations are bad for business, and the solution to that is the sales funnel.

In a sales funnel, the seller concentrates on a single product at a time and uses all the marketing skills and strategies to get people to buy that particular product by showing problems and the solutions to those problems by the product.

It is human psychology that he needs a simple procedure when it comes to buying stuff.

Sales funnel bring simplicity and hence generates more potential customers.

Now let me tell you the basic structure of the sales funnel.

There are multiple stages to build your funnel, but as a prospect passes through each stage, it shows that he really wants to buy.

Online and other businesses such as Local SEOs use this model to get more and more customers by using different marketing funnel strategies in various stages of the funnel.

Stages of these funnels can be put into words like this:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Decision
  • Action

From hearing about you to the stage where he buys from you, the customer passes through a series of steps that are designed very precisely. This series of steps may differ from each other depending upon the types of the products, your niche, or other factors that you choose.

But this series should be such that the audience you are choosing gets attracted to the product so much that they work towards your business growth. In other words, it should be lead capturing.

There can be as many stages in your funnel as you want, but generally, the above mentioned 4 stages are used. Elongated funnels with many steps can confuse people, and a confused mind can’t make a decision. When it comes to buying, nobody buys when they are confused about something.


At this initial point, you make your prospect learn about you, your product, or your services. They might become aware of their problems and how they can solve them by using your product.

This is the point when they visit your website, which they found out about from Google ads, social media ads, some posts on social media, or any other traffic source.


Now your prospect is actively looking for the solutions you are offering, about which he heard from the sources that you built. This is the time when you seize this opportunity to convert this prospect.

You give him deals and other alluring material which they can’t find anywhere else, and you make sure that he gets satisfied with your solution.


This is the stage at which the customer is deciding whether he is going to take advantage of your solution or not.

He is giving more attention to the packages and options that can be useful for him. This is the time when sales are made by either contacting him or using other means to reach out to him properly.


Now the customer is satisfied and is ready to buy from you. He has made his decision to buy your product, and he is going to buy just by pressing the buy now button, and when he does that, money gets transferred to your account.

This was the main goal for which the whole funnel was launched.

Additional stages are also created to build interaction with the customer. It is essential that your customer gets attached to your company and return to you whenever he needs the service that you are selling.

An additional stage: Retention:

Customers are made happy using different techniques after the sale so that they can be converted into repeat customers and the advocates of your brand. By giving their real-life experience to other people, they may get you a bunch of other customers.

Apart from that, you want your customers to stay engaged with you, and for that, you should share content such as Emails, Special offers, surveys, contact information, assistance literature and guides to the products.

Why we need sales funnel for an online business?

If you are selling anything online, sales funnel is the thing that keeps your business alive. Every successful online business nowadays is successful, probably because of the sales funnels.

The reasons behind such impact of sales funnels are:

The Purchase cycle:

This cycle has many stages, like awareness, interest, decision, action, and other additional stages. The customer could be in any of these stages.

Prediction cannot be made about this. Although traffic acquisition channels are there, most people can’t use them to get ready buyers, so if you don’t have willing buyers, then you have to make them ready.

If they are not ready, all the money you put into advertisement got wasted, but with the sales funnel, the case is different.

With sales funnel, you are not trying to get people to buy. You are merely trying to get their attention towards your product.

By different means, you come in contact with them, and you can market your product to them whenever you want. You naturally become their choice when you are in constant contact with them.

Modern buyers:

Modern Buyer

People are well informed nowadays. Before buying anything, they search for it. They do their homework so you can’t make them buy just by saying good things about your product. They buy only from trustworthy sellers.

In the case of a sales funnel, you can nurture leads into customers. This provides you with a sophisticated sales process that you need to attract sophisticated modern customers.

Sales funnel as a trust builder:

People buy from trustworthy sellers. Using conventional methods of selling, trust can’t be built with the customer.

Sales funnels give a chance to build trust with the customers. This trust-building happens when you come in constant contact with your customers. Seller introductions and other information regarding the seller is present in the emails which are sent to random people.

This introduction can be molded by the seller; however, he wants to attract more customers.

It uses the most powerful marketing process:

It has been proven that Emails are the best type of effective marketing tools.

 In a study, it was shown that out of 100, 60 people respond to the Emails in the US. Other social media sites or sites having good traffic are less effective than Emails.

Sales funnel uses Email-marketing, which is the most effective method of marketing. This works for virtually any business type and gets more and more customers.

Gets repeat customers:

Most of the traditional sales methods are designed to sell things just once. If the statistics are seen for online sales, repeat customers spend 3 times more money than the new customers. Conventional methods can’t get you to repeat customers as much as sales funnels can.

Sales funnel let you upsell and retain buyers. This allows you to sell products for years. If effective sales funnel is made, it will get you long term profits.

Sales funnels can be said to be the core of online marketing, and the main reasons behind that are:

These can produce lasting connections with the customers, which keeps them in the sales cycle for more time.

These use emails to help your business grow.

These build trust for you.

These get you repeat customers allowing you to sell multiple times and get long term profits.

This was a short and straightforward introduction to the sales funnel, but the complexities of building them could not be neglected.

It should be kept in mind that it is not a layman’s job to create and execute it. Building funnels takes enormous amounts of work and time.

A great deal of coding and integration is required in this process. Attaching email systems, creating landing pages, shopping cart designs, logo designs, credit card processing APIs, and many other things need processing before successfully building a funnel that could do any good.

This is a lot for an average marketer and almost impossible for someone to do in a short period.

However, Russell Brunson cleverly made all of this procedure simple, and it can be said that he enabled a layman to produce funnels by using his software by letting him worry about its design and taking care of everything else.

The coding and programming which took weeks and even months is not a thing to worry about, for the users of Clickfunnels.

How Clickfunnels help businesses?

Clickfunnels help to build sales funnels, email collection pages, landing pages, payment collection pages, produce opt-in pages, A/B testing, webinar funnels, etc.

All of this can be done in an effortless way, a way that can be used by an ordinary person who doesn’t know how to code and do other technical stuff.

Other than this here are some ways Clickfunnels helps businesses:

It helps a business person to see through the lens of the sales funnel:

Clickfunnels is a marketing and sales tool, but it also produces a vision for the businessman. He starts learning and using pro-funnel tactics. It introduces the concept of up-selling and shows how to do this. This single process can increase the income of the businessman many folds.

As the sales funnel use of the psychology of humans to sell things and get other business advantages, when the businessman starts thinking like that, he becomes able to get more customers in many different ways.  

It helps to build pages that get results:

Eye-catching designs and the templates used in Clickfunnels is a significant advantage of using it. Templates that made money for previous businesses lay there for you to use.

Opt-in Lead Forms to get customer Emails:

Clickfunnels provide an excellent method like squeeze-page funnels for growing your list of customer email ids. This list can be subdivided into a list of repeat customers and new customers. Both of these classes can be then approached differently with different marketing strategies to get more results.

The squeeze-page funnels by Clickfunnels have two stages.

  1. Squeeze page
  2. Thankyou page

The squeeze page is an opt-in lead form page where you ask visitors for their emails in return for providing some valuable information or the answer to a problem or other lead magnets.

The second page is the page where we provide the promised stuff. This is a simple illustration.

Clickfunnels provide payment channels:

Not only can we make and execute sales funnels with this SaaS, but it can also integrate with payment gateways like PayPal and others.

The money you are getting through your sales funnel will come to you by Clickfunnels eCommerce landing pages. This process is compulsory for selling through sales funnel, and Clickfunnels provides you, your money safe and sound.

It makes Upselling possible:

In the funnels, you offer something less costly.

Through that, you catch a customer, and once he has bought from you, then you show him a page where you offer a product that is costly and giving you more profit, but this new product is one which the customer will need in some way after purchasing the previous item.

For example, if you are selling fishing rods online, you give offers and try to attract the customer so that he buys it from you. Once he has purchased the fishing rod, you show him a beautiful picture where you show a nice fishing kit and maybe some tickets to a famous fishing spot.

Most chances are, this customer will avail that offer, but if he tries to leave, you show him another page where you decrease items and also the cost. All of this eventually gets you more money.

While creating a product page through Clickfunnels, you get an option where you can add upsell pages. Some buttons on your product page are linked to these pages.

If the customer presses those buttons, he gets directed to these pages. Multiple pages having different products can also be integrated through Clickfunnels, which could be used to get maximum profit.

3rd party marketing automation to send emails:

Email hosting services such as Zoho and autoresponders such as GetResponse and others can be integrated through Clickfunnels with your domain. This option can prove very valuable in the marketing of your products, as explained above.

If someone does this on his own, it may take months of coding and integration to get it done, but with the help of Clickfunnles, It is a 3 step process that is simplified to every extent.

It helps in hosting WEBINAR:


This software has a further application through which you can host webinars of your choice by integrating webinar tools.

Webinar tools like Zoom and others can be integrated through a simple process, and also you can design webinar funnels and choose pre-designed webinar funnel templates. Previously organized webinars are also present in the replay section, and you can also link to the latest funnel.

These webinars can also be added to the landing pages created through Clickfunnels, which may be marketing your item or performing other tasks for you. You can also ask for email ids in return for showing a webinar.

It helps you stabilize your income:

In the old times, when people didn’t know about farming animals and crops, they did not have any stable way of getting food. Sometimes they had a lot to eat and sometimes they could not eat for days.

Stable Income

This can be the case with modern-day business people when they don’t know how to stabilize their sales. Some months they may sell more than ever, and some months they may sell nothing. This condition of uncertainty is not suitable for anyone.

With the advent of the internet, there is no reason to be in this state of uncertainty. Now we have the opportunity to have consistent and reliable incomes through businesses.

Once you build a sales funnel through Clickfunnels, it will get traffic to your funnel, and sales will be made day and night for you. Automatic lead generation systems find leads for you and do all the necessary work to close the deal for you. This provides more stability, which is vital for businesses.

It helps increase your business:

Before even launching a product, you can make a sales funnel for that particular product and launch it just for the sake of checking the number of people who contact you about the product. This will provide data that can be used to decide about launching the product.

When you are sure that for every dollar you are investing, you will get 5 dollars back after a certain amount of time; you will probably invest a maximum of your money. Clickfunnels is the entity that gives you that surety.

No need for a significant investment in technology:

Before Clickfunnels and other such software came into the market, for building funnel-like ads and other stuff, a bunch of technical people were hired. They took a lot of money and precious time, and even after that, there were problems.

Imagine you hired a team of 10 technical geniuses who took 20k of your money just to build you one thing, and when that got built, and you think now it would pay you off, suddenly something breaks and the whole setup falls.

With Clickfunnels, these kinds of problems can be avoided. You don’t have to worry about technical difficulties. Everything will be taken care of by the software.

No need for paying a large marketing team:

Management of people is a fishy job.

People who have this job know how difficult it is to manage people. You can’t control people completely. They can only be given orders in return for money, but most of them can’t live up to your standards. A good team is hard to find. You need to do them favors and give them money as well.

With Clickfunnels, you don’t have to do so much to keep your work smoothly running. It does the work of a considerable team, in time, which is not even a proportion of how much these people take.

Simple and efficiently smooth work for you at less cost! That’s not a deal to miss.

Selling without getting tired:

What if others do the maximum of your work?

No one can work for you 24 hours per day.

That’s where Clickfunnels come into the picture. Once you have successfully made a proper funnel, it will run by itself, working 24 hours a day to keep more and more customers buying from you.

It provides speed with efficient work, which goes on day and night. Basically, through using this software, you keep earning day and night without limitations.

Apart from that, even the best marketing people in the world don’t know if a funnel will work or not, it can only be known when it is put into the market. So speed is everything. Clickfunnels is giving you a simple time-efficient method to create more and more funnels, so if the previous one did not work, you could make a new one.

It makes you able to spend more time on products and customers:

Few things are necessary for business. If you don’t do those things, your business won’t work. Things of prime importance in businesses are:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Product services
  • Customer services

Clickfunnels takes care of the first two significant things here. Sales and Marketing is not your thing to worry about if you are using Clickfunnels. Now you only have to provide the best customer services and product services.

You get more time to do these things. Thinking more and more about your product and changing it in positive ways may also boost up your sales. You can also think of launching a new product, even a new brand!

Trust me, if you provide the best customer services, you get more customers for sure. Repeat customers will also increase in number. When you don’t have to worry about sales and marketing, you can try and make your customer services better.

You have all the time to do other stuff also!

Does Clickfunnels work?

In my opinion, it works for the people who want to see good in using it and get the good out of that.

This software was made when its makers realized that a tool was desperately needed, which could revolutionize the online marketing and sales process.

A large number of companies used to hire web developers and graphic designers for making simple ads and funnel-like ads. Russell Brunson exploited this idea and made Clickfunnels, which is used nowadays to do multi-million dollar business.

It has been ready for use since 2014, and many companies are using it. In the US, 875 industries are using Clickfunnels. These companies have used this software to such an extent that other people and websites of other countries also got convinced to use it.

Let’s give examples of some companies here:

Course.protrader.top, this website is using Clickfunnels for its marketing and sales, and it is getting 979.6k monthly visits.

Conservativebuzz.com, flirtuniversity.de, theartofcharm.com, bellybelly.com.au, theadventurejunkies.com, and many more such websites are using Clickfunnels. All of the above-quoted websites have monthly visitors in hundreds of thousands.

We have some data regarding the popularity of Clickfunnels in different industries:

Industry Vertical

77.4%Business and Consumer Services

Around the Globe, more and more people are getting to know Clickfunnels. More and more people are signing up for Clickfunnels to using it in different ways.

More and more traffic is being pulled by this software every day. Some people are using it for their marketing and sales process. Some are becoming experts in this better experience software and using it to make money, some only work with its affiliate program.

This software works, that’s why a massive number of people put their faith and fate in its hands.

Sure there are some minor issues with the software. Still, if you need a more controlled solution to your marketing needs with higher customization abilities, you may want to look into third-party options that can be used for such purposes.

The room for betterment is always there. When having some problem with the software, you may get annoyingly irrelative answers from customer service representatives, or some other minor faults in integrations with other parties. Their self-promotion may also be annoying to a great extent.

But considering everything, I don’t think that these minor setbacks outweigh the solid landing page builder, let alone other positives such as the short learning curve, stable integrations, and functional templates.

Less internet-exposed entrepreneurs can use it to get great results; no one can deny that. For the vast majority of users, the page builder offers enough choices of templates and other graphic and visual as well as other options. It is an excellent tool for solid sales and landing page editing.

It is expensive, that may be a problem for some people. There are other alternatives to it like LeadPages. But if we ask users of both, they will say that Clickfunnels is best in doing what it does.

It provides what it promises if we try to do all the work which Clickfunnels does for us using third parties, a significant amount of time and energy will get wasted, and still the cost of doing all that will be more than the one which Clickfunnels asks for.

It is only able to do what it does by having some features.

Features of Clickfunnels which make it useful are:

Funnel Templates:

When we start building a new funnel, a lot of questions come into mind. If the person is new to this process, he doesn’t know where to start and what to do. Questions such as the one below come in his mind:

What should there be in a funnel which makes it effective?

Clickfunnels knows about these complications, so it has a wide variety of funnel templates.

These templates are the ones that are producing great revenue for other users, and it offers the same to new customers so that they don’t have to do extensive research on how should a funnel look like, what graphics should be there to attract people, and a lot of questions like these.

These templates are a great relief to the new user. A pre-determined blueprint of the sales funnel is ready to use; he just has to put his data in it and set the funnel according to his choice.

There is a wide variety of funnel templates. Any of them can be used for your business. 10 different categories can be seen in these templates:

  1. Sales Pages: Video Clip Sales Page, Sales Letter Web Page, Product Introduce Page

These are the templates which we use for creating sales pages. In these pages, we put information regarding our products like its introduction. For the introductory purpose, videos, images, and other material which could attract people are given.

  1. Optin Pages: Press Page, Reverse Capture Page, Lead Magnet, Promo Code

These are the pages where we get the customer to give us his consent regarding emails receiving and other stuff like that. Leads and promotions can also be done here.

  1. OTO’s: Upsells Websites, Downsells websites

In these templates, we try to sell other products to the same customer who has recently bought from us.

  1. Webinar Pages:

These pages are used for the webinars. Webinars have proven to be a useful tool in marketing and sales. Clickfunnels also offer webinar template pages in which we lead the customer through a channel, after which he agrees upon something that we want from him.

  1. Other Pages: Application Page, Ask Web Page, Store Front, Home Page, Hero Web Page, Hangout Web Page, Live Demo Web Page.
  1. Presell Pages: Survey Web Page, Short Article Page, Presell Page, Clickpop Page
  1. Order Forms: Two Action Order Web Page, Typical Order Page, Video Sales Letter Order Page, Sales Letter Order Web Page, Item Introduce Order Web Page.

These pages must be pretty convincing, and Clickfunnels provide templates that serve the task pretty well.

  1. Subscription Pages: Accessibility Page

Templates for these pages, which got previous people great results, are also present on Clickfunnels.

  1. Affiliate Pages:

Such pages are also a necessity because apart from the features that Clickfunnels offer, other features must also be used to make considerable sales.

  1. Thank You Pages: Thank You Page, Offer Wall, Bridge Page, Share Page

Thank you pages are integral parts of the funnels, and such pages should be well organized. Thank you pages templates enable the sales funnel to look more satisfying for the customers.

All of these templates can be personalized as per the need of the user, which makes this feature very useful.

Visual drag and drop editor:

The pre-designed blueprints or, in other words, templates should be molded according to the needs of the user.

This molding is done by the visual drag & drop editor introduced by Clickfunnels for making the editing process more efficient and straightforward.

As the name indicates, this editor is using a simple drag and drop method to edit the templates. Text elements can be edited alongside the alteration of the other elements using the fly-out sidebar.

There is no need to know about coding and digital web designing for editing these templates. So the businessman who doesn’t know anything about coding, web designing, and graphic designing can use Clickfunnels easily.

There is no need to learn CSS or HTML to use the software. This visual drag and drop editor quite efficiently allows you to convert your ideas into a new and functional sales funnel.

There are many features of this editor that can be used to ease the process, but a person who is new to this whole thing can learn about it in tutorial videos and help pages. You only have to give two to three hours to learn everything about it.

A/B Testing made easy:

You may be wondering, what is A/B testing?

A/B Testing

It is a way to optimize your funnel using a testing method. This is likewise here and there alluded to as Split testing, which is the act of demonstrating two variations of a similar site page to various fragments of guests simultaneously and contrasting which variation drives more transformations.

More the number of customers on your website, the more opportunity you have to convert your customers. More opportunity is provided by this to build relationships with old and new customers.

It is the conversion funnel that decides whether the website will get good traffic and, ultimately, good money for you or not.

Clickfunnels provide options that show the statistics regarding both variants which are being tested. The more popular variant is selected for further purposes.

For example,

If you have 2 shirts and you want to sell both of them, you will do split testing for them. 2 separate product pages are made for them, and 50% traffic will be shown one of the products, and the other 50% traffic will be shown the other product.

Clickfunnels will show statistics for both products. So by getting results from this testing, next time we sell the products which get more sales.

Benefits of A/B testing:

  • It gets better ROI from existing traffic.
  • It reduces bounce rates.
  • It enables us to make less risk-free modifications in business.
  • It enables us to achieve statistically significant improvements.
  • It enables us to redesign the website profitably.

Easy funnel editor:

Clickfunnels offers a simple editor. A person with no professional knowledge about editing can easily understand and use it. Funnels in the previous times were so complicated that a person who didn’t know to code, designing, and developing couldn’t even dream to make one.

With Clickfunnels, this work became so easy that a funnel could be made in one or two hours. A very complex task of making sales funnel in such a short time is a miracle, and this editor literally makes miracles happen.

When you want professional quality, convenience, and functionality, ClickFunnels provide the best editing method and tool for it.

Custom Domains:

These are also known as vanity URLs. These appear in the address bar at the top of every browser. We use them every day to navigate around the internet. For example, facebook.com is a domain.

It is a branded name that identifies a website for humans. For computers there is no such thing, computers communicate in zeroes and ones. These are for the sake of simplicity for humans.

When you create a funnel from Clickfunnels, it has its own domain. For example, it can be brandedshoes.clickfunnels.com/my-thankyou-page. This domain is produced and hosted by the software, so it contains Clickfunnels in it.

If you don’t want this portion that contains the name of Clickfunnels in it, you can customize your domain also. Custom domains can be used to isolate your business from the marketing process; this isolation can be for several reasons.

Some of these reasons may be that you want your brand to be promoted; you don’t want people to know what marketing service you are using or anything else.

You can simply integrate your domain hosted by another website with Clickfunnels through following a simple procedure.

SSL Certification:

Information you send on internet passes through a channel of computers to the recipient server, SSL certification makes it encrypted so that the computer between you and the recipient can’t read it.

For example, the credit card numbers and other critical information must be protected from hackers and identity thieves.

SSL Secure Encryption

As Clickfunnels is a business tool, it has to ensure safety for the customers. There are many aspects of business for which safety is required.

Clickfunnels has information such as account numbers, identity numbers, money transfers, etc. This critical information can’t be lost to hackers and thieves.

Apart from that, many companies have identical products with different brand names. There is a lot of competition between these companies. Some of them play fair, and some of them don’t.

Some people want to exploit the marketing strategies of others and use them against their opponents to give them loss. This must also be prevented.

With Clickfunnels, there is a simple 4 step process through which SSL Certification can be done for the funnels, and other features. It provides every aspect of security to the customers so that they can be confident using it.

Payment Gateways:

These are merchant services that process credit card payments and other electronic payments for eCommerce sites and conventional businesses.

It can be thought of as a metaphorical cash register in electronic transactions. This register is highly encrypted to ensure the safety of the transaction. These may also provide other services like location-specific actions, tax calculations, etc.

There are many companies like Stripe, PayPal, BlueSnap, Square, and many more that provide payment gateways.

Clickfunnels recommends Stripe as the default credit card processing gateway. Clickfunnels also provides further information about these payment gateways about the risk of using them. Some of them are marked as safe, some are risky, and some are highly risky. But Clickfunnels can integrate with almost all of these gateways through a simple process. Third-party integrations can do this.

On the basic monthly package, only one payment gateway can be integrated, but in the Platinum category, you can have three payment gateway integrations.

It is a fishy job to integrate such payment gateways with your marketing and sales, but for the users of Clickfunnels, this process becomes effortless. In the Help and FAQ section, the process of integrating is given with real simplicity. This ease in the integration of the payment gateway of your choice, provided by Clickfunnels, is also a plus point that makes it more worthy of use.

Email Automation:

Email Automation

It is the ability to send time or action stimulated emails to the people who agreed upon getting emails from an email autoresponder most probably in opt-in pages. This process has uses in many marketing processes. It may be used to get new leads, managing constant contact with customers, and automated blog update, etc.

This tool uses emails to stay in touch with people and try to increase traffic for funnels and also serves purposes like staying in touch so that customers come again and again to buy.

Email automation is a powerful tool in modern-day marketing. Research has proven that 60% of people in the US respond in some way to the emails sent to them. To build a constant connection and trust with random people, this tool can be used to obtain excellent results.

Clickfunnels can be integrated with third-party automatic responders through a simple process.

Or you can use the following tool.


Clickfunnels has its in-built autoresponder called Actionetics. This tool works fantastically with the sales funnels.

It is different from other third party auto responders in many ways, which makes it unique. Some of the features which make it better to use as compared to others are:

  • Actionetics Contact profiles dashboard lets you see your subscribers.
  • Email lists let you segment your contact lists according to your specified needs.
  • Broadcast message feature is used when there’s a need to pass very timely and crucial information.
  • Most importantly, it saves money. If you use third-party autoresponders, it costs you hundreds of dollars, but Actionetics can be used free with the platinum package of Clickfunnels.


The results of marketing are significant. Before online marketing came into being, the results of marketing campaigns could not be noted.

Millions must have seen the commercials of KFC, but how do we know the exact figures? If we don’t know the number of people who watched those commercials and after launching those, how many extra sales were made? How can we make the new strategy with precision?

With Clickfunnels you can do all of this, you can track your sales. You can find the conversion rate that your funnels are producing. You can track every link that you have put on the different pages and marketing strategies.

This allows you to get an idea about the traffic channels from where your landing pages are getting traffic.

Most importantly, with Clickfunnels, you can track precisely how many people were converted by the different marketing strategies and sales funnels you made. It can also show you the pages which were most visited by the customers and the pages that converted most of your customers.

Tracking this data gives you a justification for your expenditure. It gives you a record of the strategies, and from this record, you can learn about marketing and gain experience, which can then be used to plan the next strategy.

Clickfunnels uses third party tracking and also the tracking options which it provides itself to give the maximum facility to its user. This feature makes Clickfunnels the best marketing and sales tool ever.

Sales Analytics:

Sales Analytics

It is the process that we use to identify, understand, and predict the trends of sales and the results. This understanding helps in finding windows for improvement. These analyze the success of previous marketing and sales strategies and, through this analysis, predict the success of future strategies.

This analysis requires tracked data like the data about the number of people who visited the sales funnels or came to landing pages. This data can be used to determine the brand recognition and publicity and also can be used to predict the future of the brand.

This tool looks up for the hidden relationships and trends within the data that can be used to assist the sales and marketing process in predicting more delicately about the needs of the consumers and also about the new opportunities.

Clickfunnels can be integrated with sales analytics like that provided by Google to get maximum results from the sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Backpack:

It is an affiliate management system.

Like Actionetics, this feature is exclusive to Clickfunnels. It makes you able to scale your business even when you are asleep. If you use this feature, you will have the full functionality of setting up an affiliate program.

Sometimes business people don’t have enough to invest as much as their business needs. This is the time when they require resources and skills to get more people to their funnels and offers in order to get more money.

In such times affiliate partners are needed to keep the business running. These affiliate partners get leads and customers, and in return, they make money.

When you put things in the hands of affiliate partners, you get all the time to make your product better and give services to the customers rather than worrying about the competition.

The backpack feature is there to set up this affiliate system for you!

Some of the main advantages of using it are:

  • It allows you to add affiliates manually and also makes you able to edit their details.
  • It allows you to set up the commission of the affiliates simply.
  • It also keeps a record of the payments which were paid to the affiliates.
  • It helps you set up the commissions that your affiliates will receive if they sell your products.
  • It also gives information about the funnels where affiliates are involved and where they are not.


ClickPop allows you to add popups on your websites. These popups attract more customers by engaging them through a different approach.

You can use clickpop and take any page from your funnel and use that as a popup. Hotels, theaters, and medical professionals use such kinds of digital marketing techniques to attract more customers.

They show their products in these Popups, as they show in their sales pages. Online display campaigns, consulting services, email campaigns, and re-targeting campaigns are created using tools like Clickpops and others.

Upsell pages:

Upselling is a sales Method where you attract a client to buy more by offering something else of value. You can do this by providing upgrades, deals, packages, and other stuff.


Upselling is the practice of encouraging your customers to buy a higher-end product while cross-selling invites customers to buy related or complementary items. Both of these offer distinct facts, and they make your sale more profitable.

Upselling is used to encourage clients to move from considering one item within a product class to another that would have higher profit  (for example, high-selling products).

Upselling is used as an additional stage of the Sale Cycle. When the prospect buys one product, automatically, he is shown other high-value products that can provide more profit to the seller.

Clickfunnels offer straightforward solutions for upselling. You can add upselling pages to your funnels using a simple procedure through this software. This takes marketing to a whole new level and increases the profit margin also.

Downsale pages:

Down selling is used by online marketers if someone rejects high-value products or services sometimes by merely clicking the close button on the funnel.

You offer them an alternate option at a lower price where the product of little value and profit is shown so that the customer may buy something instead of nothing.

Advantage of down selling:

Even if customers don’t buy the product you wanted them to buy, they are at least buying something and giving you some profit instead of no profit.

That means you get some sort of reward, at least for your sales effort.

And since they’re now a client, they will hopefully have a pleasant experience with you and be much more likely to buy high-value items in the future.

Apart from the profit aspect, you get the email of the customer, which can be used to market other products to them. You may also get a new subscriber through this, which can be a repeat customer if he is happy with you.

In the process of down selling, you must not let the customers to get encouraged towards the original offers. The down selling scheme must be planned so that the lower price can be justified. You may take some features or accessories off the original offer and sell for a lower price for other benefits.

Clickfunnels offer down selling options for your sales funnel. These pages can also be added to the funnels by using simple methods that can be learned and mastered quite quickly.

Priority support:


Priority Support requests are considered to be of prime importance. It is for clients who need more responsive assistance.

It routes your issues straight to the Priority Customer Support team for the fastest assistance available. Sometimes when high-value clients are stuck in the process of using your products, they need assistance, and this feature helps them.

Priority Support is a client account-wide feature that applies to the customer’s entire library of (purchased and valid) extensions. Priority Support is only applicable to the extensions that customers already have.

Aims of priority support:

Priority support gives significant support to the customers. It is used for lifting the urgency of the calls, and it helps them with a better response in a reasonable time. The primary reason behind giving this support is to let the customers extend the support.

 If a customer is looking for support to use your product and he doesn’t get it, he will not be happy with that, and eventually, you lose a customer who could have bought from you multiple times.

Also, a state of the connection is essential with the customer to keep him happy and to convert him into a repeat customer.

Clickfunnels provide this service as efficiently as they can. Some people are not happy with this feature because, according to them, they don’t get answers which are of value.

These complaints don’t mean that there is a fault with Clickfunnels. It offers the best it could and is highly recommendable.

Clickfunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels has four price models depending on the features of each plan: Clickfunnels offers 4 models for the customers. The model that costs more has additional features. The price of each model is according to the benefits it offers.


It is for the beginners and will cost you ninety seven dollars per month.

This startup plan has a limited number of options, like the number of funnels and pages that can be built. The number of visitors is also limited.

You can create 20 Funnels with this. 100 pages are allowed, and 20000 visitors are also there in the package.

Full Suite:

It has additional features and costs an extra two hundred dollars. The total price of this model is 297$ per month. This model is also called the Etison Suite plan. It is costly as compared to the full suites offered by other companies, but it also provides features that can cost more.

Through this, you can create as many funnels and pages as you like. It also offers an unlimited number of visitors.

The additional tools you get in the plan are Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetiocs tool that is used to create action funnels comes additionally with this model. This is the model that allows you to track your visitors.

The channels that get you most customers are tracked through this so that you can decide which features are the best to get yourself more customers. If you use other tools instead of Actionetics, it will cost you even more.

Backpack lets you handle your affiliates really easily. If other third-party tools are used for the purpose, it will cost you more money.

So the Etison Suite Plan is the best you can get from different template based funnel builder software. It’s and effective funnel building software that with the help of funnel scripts can help you generate leads or create book funnels, marketing funnels, followup funnels.

Funnel Hacks:

This is the best that Clickfunnels can offer. It has the funnel hacking feature, which is the best provided by Russel Brunson. It costs you 997$ for 6 months and 1997$ for a year.

The best way to see everything in actions if by utilizing their 14 day trials. It will help you get acquainted with all the features and judge if it’s value for money.


The strategic investigation of the sales process of the competitors is called hacking. It involves the investigation of the sales and marketing procedures of others to learn from them.

You can learn from other people’s successes and also from the mistakes they made in the sales and marketing process so that you can avoid them. The strategies of other companies are compared so that you can make a better one.

The CEO of Clickfunnels introduces the term Funnel hacking.

A conference called Funnel Hacking Live is held for the hacking process.

Importance of funnel hacking:

You should learn about the success of the people who are in the same business. When you start a new business that involves the marketing and selling of products or services online, you should learn about the techniques that can make you successful.

The strategies that are being used by others can be studied profoundly and then can be customized to get some valuable information. You can use the techniques used by others in your businesses.

Where to start:

The understanding of the market is vital for this. First, you should know about the market you are currently selling in. The competition is significant to know.

The people who are selling the same product or services are your competitors, and you need to study their models of working. Start by reviewing these things.

You can probably make a comprehensive list that has specifics about your competitors. This list can be arranged according to the success others have. This list can then be used to study and compare the techniques of these different people and business models.

Some questions should come in your mind while you are going through the business models. You should search for the traffic source others are using.

Then you must seek the information that you can use for your business. The links that are used by others should be followed to know where these lead the customers too.

These simple basics of the hacking process help you to set up a good strategy.

Author: Russell Brunson

This man is the Rockstar of Funnels! He has 2 Million Followers. These are the Entrepreneurs who took help from the business techniques to get profits, and these guys really respect this man.

If we consider this man as an author, he sold over four and a half grand of the copies of his books. A lot of people like to read what he writes.

He introduced many terms like Funnel Hacking and Sales Funnels. These terms are now used daily. He Co-founded Clickfunnels that has helped entrepreneurs in numbers approaching a hundred thousand.

Books by Russel Brunson:

DotCom Secrets:

DotCom Secrets is a book that can help with the Growth of the company you are building.

This book gives you the instructions that are needed for the recognition of the problems in the funnels.

If sales funnels are not working for you and the number of visitors is less, or the conversion rate is less, it is not because there is a problem with your product or service but because you don’t know how to sell it.

You are not converting visitors or getting less number of visitors because you are not using the best technique. This book is for you if you are struggling with such problems.

DotComSecrets gives you the funnels and scripts that can get you leads and enhance your sales.

Expert Secrets:

Expert Secrets is the best book for learning about the marketing of your business. It has a lot of detail regarding sales and marketing procedures. It uses the best method for making people understand their problems, and that is by telling stories of other people.

It gives you instructions that can be used to produce excellence in your business model and lets you become the best in the competition.

The Funnel Hacker Cookbook:

Now, Funnel Hacker Cookbook is the most useful and the most innovative book by this guy.

This book contains everything that is needed for the hacking procedure of the funnels. This funnel hacking is not simple, you need a complete guideline to do that, and this book provides that.

It allows you to evaluate the funnels that are built by people in your niche and then use some techniques to get benefit from other business models. It offers colossal worth in case you’re keen on becoming familiar with advertising and deals for your business.

If you don’t have any idea about the terms like a squeeze page, lead magnet, and other terms related to the funnels, then this book will help you significantly.

Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate with ClickFunnels is easy, but before you go down this path, you may be wondering about how affiliate marketing works, and more specifically, how the ClickFunnels affiliate program works.

Let’s look into that.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

Placing in straightforward terms, it is an arrangement in which one online business gets traffic or deals from another person or company, and in return, it has to pay some amount.

If you are working as an Affiliate with Clickfunnels, then this means that you have a partnership, and you will get a commission for every sale that you have made for others. The portion of the commission that you will get is 40%.

It’s a definitive success win circumstance. All members get something from the plan, as does the organization running the offshoot program, making it a commonly valuable relationship.

As some animals have symbiotic relations with each other in which one gets food and protection and others also get something, this is also a similar arrangement. Here both of the parties are getting money and benefits from each other.

Numerous bloggers pick this way, here and there, venturing to such an extreme that they compose entire blog entries committed to the subsidiary advertising programs they’re a piece of. Others are soberer in doing what they do.

With regards to advancing an item or administration that you have faith in and in the event that you feel unequivocally about it, why not bring in some cash off of it?

How do I become an affiliate?

It is not difficult to become an affiliate with Clickfunnels; just create an account, and all of a sudden, you are an affiliate with them.

Within your account, you’ll also find different things related to ClickFunnels that you can promote.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

You can bring in cash:

Perhaps the most significant advantage of being a member is the most evident one: you get the opportunity to bring in the cash!

Who doesn’t like some additional money for doing simple promotions?

It’s practical:

As alluring as this advantage may be, there’s something else entirely to being an affiliate than gaining some additional cash.

You don’t need to place a considerable investment in an affiliate program to gain a lot.

There are many ways to promote as an affiliate:

As clarified above, you may simply turn on the badge of promotion for the process.

You may specify in a bit of substance how helpful ClickFunnels proved for you in producing more deals for your business. Simple things like that are everything necessary to get results as an affiliate.

There’s no requirement for marketing mastery:

You can do the entirety of this without being a specialist in advertising. As you can most likely observe from the models, beginning in affiliate advertising is simple.

That passage point can open up numerous prospects. With more experience in promotions, you’ll, in the long run, find what works the best and prompts more referrals. Affiliate marketing is tied in with learning and adjusting to the best outcomes.

The likelihood to recommend CF to your friends and family depends how you enjoy using it.

The amount of effort is flexible:

Being an Affiliate likewise gives more adaptability. You don’t rely on this income for your life, as it is only a supplemental income. So if you have to take a break, you can without agonizing over harming your primary concern.

Or on the other hand, you can make twofold the promotion and earn double. Affiliate marketing gives you more opportunities, so what you decide to do with it is all up to you.

The best part is that you can purchase at present gain cash regardless of whether you aren’t effectively engaged with Affiliate marketing. A decent bit of substance can, in any case, get numerous visitors to the site. These visitors will visit the site by reading that content, and you’ll get the money.

Consider it the blessing that continues giving.

Clickfunnels is an incredible method to make landing pages that really convert. Yet, it may be hard to use ClickFunnels in an ideal manner without taking a ClickFunnels instructional class, which shows you precisely how to structure the funnel templates, make split tests, and substantially more.

In numerous examples, a site guest may leave your site without buying your item or administration basically in light of the fact that they didn’t get enough data.

They needed to look unreasonably hard for the data or went to a point where they didn’t have the foggiest idea what the subsequent stage in the process was.

ClickFunnels helps prevent this from happening by providing you with all that is needed to improve your conversion rate. However, it is imperative to find the right ClickFunnels Training Course and learn it in a manner that will pay off down the road.

Which Is The Best ClickFunnels Training Course?

  • Ultimate ClickFunnels course
  • OFA Challenge training
  • Funnel Builder Secrets training
  • ClickFunnels A-Z course
  • Course Bonus

Since you have seen a portion of the awesome ClickFunnels training courses, it may be, in some cases overwhelming to choose one of them because they offer many.

On the off chance that you solicit me about the best one from these, I would say they are all best in the knowledge and experience they offer.

To offer you the best response, I need to additionally know the stage you are in your business and ClickFunnels in general. It is chosen by comprehending what you need and the amount you are happy to spend.

For beginners without money:

You have to pay for many of the courses that are offered for Clickfunnels, but if you are a beginner who doesn’t have money to spend on such courses, you learn many things from the free courses offered by many people and sites.

Once you have the money to spend for this purpose, you can choose from a vast list.

Limited Budget:

Still, you don’t have a lot to spend on these courses, so you can take free courses first like the Spencer A-Z course and others. Once you know about the basics, then you can come to OFA.

OFA can prove to be expensive for some because it costs a hundred dollars, but it still has a lot to offer.

This can prove helpful in building a business online. You can learn about the offers you can make from messages. Also, you get to know about the creation mechanism of the product and then the strategies to make connections and get maximum conversions.

It can give a lot of clarity about what you want from the business and how you may increase conversions.

It teaches many things in just 30 days. You get familiar with the things you need to concentrate on and also the things that don’t need your concentration.

A starter who needs Clarity:

If you have been working in the online market for some time, and still you think that some things are missing that you can do to get more, then this OFA is the best training course for you.

The OFA is generally about the promotion and marketing of businesses. It teaches you how to get people to hear you. If you still got more money, then you may want the FBS deal.

This will prevent any shortcomings in the usage of the Clickfunnels account. Here along with the marketing techniques, you learn about the advanced strategic study about the business.

Already Run A Business:

If you are a businessman who has a successful online business, but you want to increase it through Clickfunnels, then I know that this process is not easy.

You may need professional help for that, but if you’re going to do that by yourself, then there is no need to worry about that. You can get trained to use the software for more profits.

 You may learn about the basics from the free courses, and if you think that you can take more of that, you may choose Kevin David’s ultimate course.

In this, you can learn about everything you need for building funnels that help you to create the different pages in the funnels. You can learn about hosting webinars, lead generations, and other tools so that you may get the maximum benefit from Clickfunnels.

If you are willing to spend more, you can always get yourself into more programs that let you learn about the software. If you use CF already then, the Funnel Flix section can be checked as the next step.

One Funnel Away Challenge

It is a training program that lets you take the creation of funnels challenge, and then it guides you through creating the funnels step by step from A-Z. This 30 days training is really in teaching you about funnel creation.

In this training, the coaches you get are the best. Russell himself teaches you to create funnels along with Steve Larson and Julie Stoain.

You will be getting all of this in 100 dollars! Cool right?
Additionally, you can check our complete guide on OFA and make sure to see our complete list of OFA bonuses that you won’t find elsewhere.

Learning in the OFA:

Aside from the units that would be dispatched to you when you choose to join this preparation, there are likewise 5 weeks of exercises where you learn huge amounts of web-based advertising and funnel building techniques.

The pre-training week will assist you with getting into the correct mindset.

Here, the principal challenge begins. You will be instructed on how to make your own electronic items that will help in your funnels.

The Funnel

This is where you get the hang of everything about funnels and the brain research behind it.

The post-training

This is basically the final stage of the challenge, where you plan your next strategy for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

Almost certainly that the One Funnel Away 30-day course is incredible preparation for anybody beginning in making funnels or any fruitful entrepreneur who is somewhat lost in organizing his next one.

However, it doesn’t really dive deep in the details like running of Ads and other specialized techniques of funnel building.

In any case, it’s sure to assist you with the beginning.

Is Clickfunnels a Scam?

Everyone needs to be sure, nowadays. Many online websites and software are nothing but scams. Clickfunnels is not one of the online scams, and various things can prove its authenticity.

It is a promising app that can be used by almost 90000 entrepreneurs to build funnels and to start or scale their business.

It has one of the best affiliate programs that can be used to earn money. As it handles your money, you need to be sure about it.

How will we find out that Clickfunnels is authentic and not a scam?

There are some factors that we will analyze, and after that, you will get satisfied.

Official Professional Website

On the off chance that Clickfunnels was a trick, at that point, you probably won’t have the option to visit the official site. Reality shows that it has an official site. You can visit this site to discover data that contains information proving its authenticity.

You can likewise pursue ClickFunnels on the site. Generally speaking, you don’t have to have any questions about ClickFunnels and get the advantages of utilizing it to assemble funnels.

True and Reasonable Features

The features offered by Clickfunnels are reasonable and practical. You can find similar features on other funnel building programs.

These features are peculiar from other ones in various ways but are used for almost the same functions (building sites, funnels, landing pages, squeeze pages, opt-ins, etc.).

ClickFunnels Integration

You definitely recognize what a fantastic funnel tool it is. In case you’re hoping to take your business funnels to the following level, the following activity is to meat it up by incorporating it with ground-breaking advertising tools.

ClickFunnels has incorporations with a line-up of incredible instruments to look over, which you could be utilizing before gaining ClickFunnels.

Integrations Available to ClickFunnels

To give you a head start in choosing the tools to use for your business, we’ve listed down the applications that can be integrated into ClickFunnels.


Actionetics is ClickFunnel’s own email computerization device. It’s an amazing asset used to oversee email records, make email communications, and robotize your email advertising. You will approach this fair by being on the ClickFunnels “Etison Suite” bundle.

Active Campaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, GetResponse, Drip, and many other Email automation and email targeted marketing apps can be integrated with Clickfunnels. Actionetics provide you many features, but you may also find these more satisfying, so these can also be used.

Ever Webinar, Webinar Jam, GoToWebinar are automated webinar platforms that let you set up automated promotions of your webinars, split test your registration pages, and more.

Facebook is one of the largest social media and social networking services.

GVO Pure Leverage, HTML Form, HubSpot, InfusionSoft,  Interspire, Kajabi,  Mad Mimi, MailChimp, Maropost, Ontraport, Salesforce, Sendlane, ShipStation,  SlyBroadcast, Twilio, YouZign, Zapier,  ZenDirect, and other tools are available for integration with Clickfunnels. These tools are additionally helpful for the funnel making procedure but also cost you money.

One of the reasons for choosing Clickfunnels is that it can easily be integrated with other marketing platforms, eCommerce software, development software, appointment scheduling software, project management software, supply chain management, ERP software, network marketing apps, lead generation software, analytics software, products software, content management platforms and security software.

All of these integrations suggest that it is an authentic software because so many other organizations trust it to be integrated with them.

Top Clickfunnels competitors

Nowadays, many organizations offer template-based funnel generation. Some of them are really inexpensive as compared o Clickfunnels, but these don’t have that many features as Clickfunnnels have. Some of the top competitors are listed below:

  • SendX
  • Hubspot
  • GetResponse
  • InfusionSoft

Active Facebook Community

Facebook Community

With a Facebook account, it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to interface with other web advertisers on a worldwide scale.

Probably the greatest names in ClickFunnels have done the challenging work for us, by building (and effectively overseeing) facebook networks loaded with business people.

In case you’re an independent business person or a ClickFunnels subsidiary, you can discover support from other similar individuals in the online gatherings they accumulate in.

Some of the top ClickFunnels experts

A portion of the top specialists is either organization administrators or high procuring members and their noteworthy Facebook gatherings.

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson, the prime supporter of ClickFunnels, has two Facebook groups. 

Steve Larsen

He likewise runs several incredible Facebook groups.

Steve’s community group is the place the ClickFunnels mentor, ace channel developer, and other creation pro geeks out with the remainder of his clan.

Steve regularly distributes his new content. He likewise goes LIVE in the gathering and connects with others and answers questions.

Spencer Mecham

He is one of the best Affiliates. He is a master in Affiliate marketing and earns a lot from it. He won the dream car and is often referred to as the Super Affiliate.

He offers free courses and training programs, and the focus of teaching is to let people understand the basics of funnel building and affiliate marketing so that they can earn directly as well as passively from online markets.

He has a group in which he gets online and answers the questions of several people. He doesn’t differentiate between people and try to answer the questions with a more humble approach.

You can ask the simplest of the issues regarding funnel building and affiliate marketing to complex questions that can be answered only by a master. The answers to simple questions are simple, and the solutions to complex problems are complex.

Chris Fong

This guy runs the Facebook group known as Affiliate Profits Mastermind. He is an affiliate marketer, and he also affiliates with many tools other than Clickfunnels. The major success he achieved was through Clickfunnels.

His Facebook page has a lot of useful information for affiliate marketers. The people who are new to this setup can also learn a lot from this page. The resources you find on that page can cause you a lot of profit. 

Jacob Caris

He can say to be one of the best because he started affiliate marketing in 2017. In a short amount of time, he has earned ClickFunnels Dream Car.

If someone is achieving so much in this short time, then this means that he has serious skills and he knows how to do the job. He is also a top affiliate for Legendary Marketer and Dean Graziosi’s Knowledge Business Blueprint.

In 2019, he propelled Dream Car Profits course uncovering methodologies that took him from novice to procuring his Dream Car so rapidly.

In his Facebook gathering of more than 3,000 member advertisers, Jacob imparts noteworthy substance to the objective of scaling your partner promoting business to $10k/month.

Julie Stoian

She is a coach in the “One Funnel Away” Challenge and also an Executive Partner and Vice President of Marketing at ClickFunnels.

Julie’s Facebook group, “Living the Laptop Life,” is a community of more than 2500.

She has a lot to teach people through the Facebook page, and if you can get in, you can access a lot of useful materials and learn a lot of valuable techniques.

Final Thoughts

The product you go for relies upon your prerequisites and the measure of work you’re willing to put into your business.

A number of you people are selling independent items, would you say you will invest the exertion required to make a high converting Sales Funnel?

If not, ClickFunnels may be pointless excess for you. It’s conceivable to gather leads or sell your front finished result all the more efficiently utilizing elective administrations.

Nonetheless, if raising the average lifetime estimation of your customers is critical to you, at that point, I genuinely would advise checking out ClickFunnels.

If you are still unsure about Clickfunnels, the 14-day free trial is there. Use this trial period to look into the tools and options and try to relate them to your business. Search for the features that can make profits for you if you get satisfied, which you most probably will buy the packages offered by Clickfunnels and start or scale your business.

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