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Clickfunnels V/s WordPress

Over time, many things have evolved and websites are one of them. Some decades ago the concept of online sales and marketing was a dream and only a few businesses had websites. There were few users of the internet and it was not as famous as it is nowadays.

Nowadays everyone is using the Internet and due to the traffic, every business has a website. There are thousands of websites for a single sort of business.

What makes your website special? Can it still do what it is intended to do?

Simply no, you need sales funnels these days. Modern problems require modern solutions!

There are a lot of ways you can build your websites and funnels, one of the best among them is to use a template-based builder.

Let’s discuss the differences between WP and CF

What are these best at?

Clickfunnels was built with a mindset that made it to be the best sales funnel builder. Though they claim that it can also build websites but is best at what it does the best.

WordPress is one of the best Website builders. It was built to make amazing websites and it is good at that. It is responsible for 26% of the web!!!


The basic function of CF is to build various template-based pages that get incorporated into the funnel in such a way that it gets conversions.

WordPress is a diverse tool. Unlike CF it gives full control over the website. You can do whatever you want by installing the Plugins.


WordPress does more SEO oriented work.

The websites that are built through this are more likely to get the traffic and these websites are specifically designed for that. Funnels have a completely different function.


CF can get you more conversions as compared to WordPress. The basic idea of sales funnels is psychology based. Funnels get a lot of business for you.



Basic plan: 97$ per month

Full plan: 297$ per month

It also offers yearly subscriptions.


It is free. You have to spend only to buy domains and host them. Each domain can cost 15$ per annum and its hosting starts from 2.95$ per month.

Time of use:

You have to spend a little time on CF to build a funnel. Just a few clicks and you are good to go. If you want to build a website, it will take quite some time.

For WordPress, you have thousands of plugins that you can use to publish blogs, make websites, and pages quickly. If you want to make a funnel through WordPress, then may God help you!

Marketing and Business growth:

CF is all about innovation in marketing and teaching how to do that. There are a lot of successful people on the social media pages who guide you and teach you things that can get your business a boost.

WordPress on the other hand is not interested in any of this.


Both tools are perfect for what they are best at.

You can’t just ignore the one and get to the other after reading this. They are best at different things and you want those different things for you. Both of these have their benefits and shortcomings but you can use them both at the same time to get a perfectly good setup for your business.

The accounts of CF and WordPress can be connected. Do that! use both!

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