Funnel Hackers Cookbook

The Funnel hackers cookbook is the creation of a renowned author and entrepreneur, Russel Bronson. As the name suggests, it’s a book for funnel hackers, which means it provides expert secrets in online business and marketing and how you can fashion a successful sales funnel guide, moving you from zero to buyers in no time. It is available both in pdf and physical format, and this funnel hackers cookbook overview will present to you the pros and cons of the book in easy to understand language.

First, you must note the funnel hacker’s cookbook does not teach strategy. It provides a blueprint. However, when used in conjunction or as a companion book to software secrets and dotcom secrets, by Russel Bronson, it provides you with not only blueprint but strategy to get the best out of sales funnel software.

There’s also 82 plus hours long funnel hackers online training course provided by Russel Bronson, called Funnel Immersion. It can also be used alongside a host of his other digital books, such as copywriting secrets, expert secrets, dotcom secrets, traffic secrets, just to mention a few. You can check out their page, Etison LLC, for resources like training videos, the perfect webinar, and tips on funnel design and optimization.

The book is split up into three main parts. The first section addresses “funnel elements.” This refers to all the ingredients needed in a sales funnel, which include text elements, order forms, media elements, et cetera.

Funnel hackers cookbook, the second part, addresses “funnel pages” the individual’ recipes,’ which makes up a sales funnel.

The third portion of the book covers the 22 different kinds of funnels, which are then split into four main types. They are; lead funnels, buyer funnels, event funnels, and other funnels (funnels which do not fit into the different three types). The book provides a rather comprehensive and thorough walkthrough of Sales Funnels, ensuring you become profitable using ClickFunnels.

Table of Contents


  1. It equips you with the skills necessary to build and optimize your funnel and presents them in simple and easy to understand language.
  2. Resources: The funnel hackers cookbook comes with additional training videos.
  3. The information is not limited to certain types of business but is suitable for a wide variety of companies and professions.
  4. It is entirely free should you choose to purchase a digital copy.


  1. Information overload: As simple as it is presented, it still comes with a lot of information, which could sometimes be overwhelming in the learning process, especially as a newcomer to the world of funnels and marketing.
  2. If you desire a physical copy of the Funnel hackers cookbook, you must pay shipping, which may cost extra if you live outside the united states.


Ultimately, you should get this book if, as an entrepreneur, you know and understand that your business can sell much better with a sales funnel, but you’re not sure what to do. Also, if you’re confused about your sales strategy and want to make improvements. This book is more than detailed enough to provide you with the clarity needed to make the right marketing decisions for your business; it’s worth buying.