DotComSecrets Book

Online marketing doesn’t come easily to everyone, and a lot of online marketing ventures do not make it paste their beginning stages. Thankfully, Russell shares essential tips every digital marketer should know in his book dotcom secrets.

Who is Russell Brunson, you may ask?

He is only one of the best digital marketers of our time who has built revenue-generating businesses online and an authority figure in the online marketing sphere. The book contains a million-dollar secret on how to start and build a digital enterprise.

The dotcom secrets book is divided into 5 sections.

Section One: Ladders and Funnels

This section contains five valuable marketing secrets. These include knowing who your intended customers are and knowing how to attract them. It also talks about how to bait potential clients, so they climb up your value ladder to the point of their desire.

Section Two: The second section concentrates on communication funnel

Here Russell talks about the attractive character that will pull in your dream customer. The secret formula to growing your company is to have a persona client can relate to. Besides attracting customers, you get help with the sort of emails to send after clients subscribe to your email list. Before closing this chapter, he gives you the daily Seinfeld sequence for email marketing.

Section Three: Funnelology dwells entirely on funnels

It talks about how they’re created, used, and managed to get optimal results. Russell goes on to describe the various types of funnels and how each is used. In this section, Russell holds nothing back as he talks about the composite nature of a funnel and the most appropriate placement of each. Read about the $100 one funnel away challenge.

Section Four: Funnels and scripts

Here Russell shares the various potentials your funnels possess. He gives simple processes on how best to maximize the uses of each funnel and the kinds of offers you can use each for. He provides more emailing lessons and goes on to talk some more about the value ladder, frontend funnels, and backend funnels. Read about Funnel Hackers Cookbook here.

Section Five: Clickfunnels gives a practical example of the strength and power of Clickfunnels Software 

The book will teach you the marketing secrets of starting and scaling companies online. You can request the physical book and have it shipped to you. The book shares a lot of expert secrets on how to run a company online. It is an easy read that will shorten your learning curve.