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DroidOwl is a digital marketing agency founded in 2011 and gives marketing solutions to small, medium, and large businesses all around the world.

Social Media Marketing


The WEB is a constantly moving target. And that’s the reason DroidOwl implements an agile methodology to ensure foremost possibility of achieving utmost & continuous ROI.

We offer award winning web design & development, app design & development, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Advertising & digital marketing services to clients all over the World.


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Mia Malkova 17
Sara Funds 18
Oliva Cooper 19
Brian Perez 20
Founder and President
Dishank Vyas 21
Human resources director
Carol Lee 22
Marketing Specialist
Ajay Porwal 23
Facebook Ads Expert
Gerald Scott 24

89 Clients Served

25 Events Organized

43 Public Speeches

+1,200 Coffee Cups

DO is best known for delivering exceptional results to our clients through the wide range of services we offer, which includes Facebook Advertisement Services, Search Engine Optimization Service, and Website Development Service. We offer a complete service package and use a combination of digital serviced to foster visibility and good revenue. Our clients see a better return on investment that is rated as one of the best in the industry.

Our services range from digital marketing services to content marketing services. Our team comprises highly skilled designers, SEO experts, media buyers, content experts, and marketers, and they provide some of the best services. With the range of services we offer, our goal is to improve the lives of people in the world. We have a great, close-knit team of over 16 people and have partnered with great companies.

O U R    V I S I O N

DroidOwl holds several values, and they include; making our clients priority, which helps to carry out client's tasks with utmost expertise and understanding of what the client wants to bring about a good client relationship. We have a work-friendly environment which has been noticed to improve workplace communication and productivity. We encourage positivity among workers to improve productivity.


Our high web design standards, effective organic, and paid marketing strategies lead to target traffic, bringing in potential customers to a website/landing page that is ready for conversion. We have a broad client base from various industries across the world who recommend us through their testimonies.

University 1876 25
School of art and design 26
University 27
Athletics 28
SEO University 29
Cross Sport 30
Bakery 31
Bicycle Company 32