How Corona Virus is affecting the SEO industry?

Corona Virus Pandemic Search Optimization

Saturation in web searches is increasing day by day. Making a web page is easy as compared to previous times but getting it enough web traffic is difficult more than ever. A business that is thriving and a flop one has a difference that the thriving one is being displayed more and more on the front page of searches.

Even millions of people are searching for SEO every day. It has become a necessity nowadays to get your website optimized through some guy or a company.

COVID-19 Pandemic

Now that the Corona Virus Pandemic is going on, business society throughout the world is in stress. Most of the countries are going towards lockdown. Industries are not allowed to produce and the market is down to a considerable rate.

Small businessmen are living hand to mouth and are trying so hard to survive this. The depth of the economic impact is so high and complex.

In such conditions, the industry is also affected but not as drastically.

People are more reluctant to leave their homes due to the worse situation. The areas and markets which were crowded in the past are deserted now. As in the 2008 recession, sales are going less and less as the day passes. As the sales are going down, industries are going down.


The industry is affected by this because the clients they had are not their clients anymore.

Industrialists and other businessmen don’t have enough money to put. Most of the industries worldwide are suffering from the effects of coronavirus and so the money is just not there.

How Corona Virus is affecting the industry’s economy?

Globally 2.7 Trillion dollars are expected to be lost due to this pandemic but the good news for the industry is that online business is exponentially increasing its sales worldwide. As the people fear to go outside their houses so they are ordering the things they need online.

Online sales from food items to wearing items and baby items have increased a lot. People are staying at home and are using the internet for passing the time. This gets more potential traffic on the internet and is good for online businesses especially those which sell products of daily use. What is good for an online business is good for the industry.

Web Traffic

Also, the trends for receiving web traffic are chaotic these days. Some of the industries like the travel industry, construction industry, advertisement industry are at a loss so the people linked with these are automatically affected badly.

On the other hand, some industries like the media industry, finance industry, healthcare industry, and the pharmaceutical industry are selling products more than ever and are automatically getting the web traffic without optimization. People are searching for the products themselves.

Who can benefit from it?

During this economic downturn, the competition is less so you can get more and better results. Companies are getting bankrupted as they are not able to pay their debts. Many people are slowing down or closing down their businesses and those who are not, are aiming to double their tries of getting the traffic and of advertising as this can give long term results.

In such cases the industry still gets clients. Although lesser clients are there, but still some are better than none!

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