Tampa’s Tech Titan: The Genius Behind Digital Dominance

Tampa's Tech Titan: The Genius Behind Digital Dominance

So let’s say you want more sales for your business but do not wish to waste any money or have limited funds for it.

Do you want your sites to rank higher? (who doesn’t?), increase customers and sales in this competitive race to be the best.

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When working with us, you can expect to:


Every day, many people like you and me go to Google to search for our queries. And most certainly, they have done the same thing in the past before while making a purchase.

When you go to a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you type in what you are searching for and most likely stay on the first page of the search engine.

Other sites you might like to visit should be Florida Aquarium, Tampa Bay, Brewing Company, Ybor City, Tampa Bay History Center, Adventure Island, Rhino’s at Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa Riverwalk, and Hillsborough River State Park.

What Is It?

When we envisioned an act of public interest to attain noticeability back in the day, we are left thinking about the old conventional ways like renting a billboard, taking out an ad in the newspaper, and sometimes standing on a soapbox in the park and pontificating.

Now that we have large search engines being the go-to fonts of information, most multinational companies and other organizations have been seeking ways to fight and claw to the top of search results using search engine optimization to be heard and seen on a magnificent scale.

Tampa DroidOwl

Now let’s review how it works and affects businesses. Well, you see, giant search engines like Google use algorithms to push relevant results to the top of the page.

When a user searches for a new gaming console, their search results will reflect links to buy new consoles rather than the gameplay of PewDiePie.

How these algorithms work are usually closely guarded trade secrets, but now Google has left some of the trade secrets open to the users.

There’s enough public knowledge for website administrators who try their hands at getting to the top search results. Google even puts out a search engine optimization Starter Guide to help website owners improve their chances of earning the coveted top results.

So then, for starters, you should start with optimizing your page’s metadata. Metadata is all the stuff other than the actual content people would see in their browser window.

It Means metadata is things like descriptive page titles, embedding a short explanation of what’s on the page, and interior HTML, which you often end up seeing underneath a Google result. This can help push your site up to the top.

A more recent technique of development is making URLs more informative.

You’ve probably seen this on news websites, which recently started to use file names that indicate what the article is about, like – tastelessyoutuberwearsocksandsandals.html, which is a lot more helpful to optimize your search engines than just random numbers.

Pro tip: Nesting your pages in a practical directory structure, organized by things like topics and dates. Nowadays, search engines use a key metric that checks how often a page is linked to others, representing their authority.

So providing descriptive text links in the body of a web page linking to other pages on your site can be very helpful. To categorize a site, search engines know things like topic headers and alt text for images, which help appear on top of search results.

While writing your page’s metadata, remember to keep it small but also descriptive and informative. This makes it easier for a search engine to determine that your site is relevant to a particular topic. Thus far, we have outlined our SEO strategy.

While plenty of other tricks might be employed to achieve the ranking you desire, several unscrupulous site owners want the same results and sales.

These collectively are known as blackhat SEO or spamdexing, and their goal is to try to make the page seem more relevant to a topic than it is.

Companies use tricks that can take the form of anything from hiding keywords and invisible text that a user would have to highlight to see. These turn into buying links.

They can even turn traffic from other sites for their own and use irrelevant keywords that might just be trending at the moment. Sometimes the result is also reached by just overusing the relevant ones.

Search Engine Developers are in a digital arms race due to this behavior between SE developers trying to refine these pages for their users and spammers. Some site owners who are desperate for clicks and don’t above use shady tactics.

While search giants like Google are deploying methods to separate the signal from the noise, its advisory to stay true to your work and content, while you believe that your site should include something of ill repute to get sales, if you want your website to stay for long and you continue growing with it, sticking to your site and content and showing it for what it is, is the best policy.

Why Do You Need It?

Small businesses traditionally do not prefer SEO strategies until they find out what benefits they can reap.

When small businesses are pitched with strategies, they cannot help but realize why their sales are worse than their competitors but have high value and better products to provide the consumers.

They are performing lower than their competitors. Why?

The answer is SEO. Millions and millions of people search articles, objects, shops, products, etc., on search engines or Google daily.

The total population is over 7.8 billion people, and millions and millions of searches are made daily. People search every day on billions of subjects.

How does it profits your business?

It means optimizing or increasing your website to augment organic traffic from search engines or Google. The most dominant search engines are Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.

While losing money seems awful, your website must be optimized with Local SEO Company – DroidOwl to avoid these issues from occurring. Here’s why:

  • Millions and millions of queries are made on the internet daily, and to miss out on such a massive volume of potential customers would be crazy. Among those millions of searchers, consumers are looking for services and goods you can offer.
  • It helps you take that opportunity and offer your services to customers looking for it. Consumers can easily discover you on the internet, and the opportunities are millions.
  • It can generate sales and change your leads immensely. It does not work by referring your services to consumers; it only gives you a chance to showcase what you have to provide. Sales and leads would increase proportionally only when you provide quality goods or services.
  • But how does it change the rankings dramatically? When consumers know you have a quality product to offer, a small business has the potential to generate over $5000-$10,000 worth of business results in just five months.
  • Small businesses can rank better without paying as much as large organizations. Investing in a good campaign is just the right thing for them. While large firms outspend on AdWords, it is hard for small businesses to compete.
  • It lets small businesses change their ranking immensely without paying or investing as much as larger businesses. Although an impressive strategy would help you increase your rankings, an acute strategy would fetch your customers from the back door, while larger organizations depend on advertising.
  • Almost 96% of people would skip advertisements while streaming online. This is a result of Google’s set algorithms. It lets you gain more traffic than advertisers on the same keywords. Investing in SEO is beneficial and simple.
  • You update your valued customers on new products and offers by adding an email newsletter sign-up option. This is a faster way to get your email newsletter subscribers to a list made organically.
  • When you start ranking better, you can expect much more subscribers to sign-up. Increased traffic and exposure to your customers will get you better results.
  • It eliminates the traditional ways of cold calling and other old strategies to get customers when you used to be tired of passing out flyers. Tired of advertising in magazines and not obtaining any results.
  • Remember how tiring it was to cold call people and bother them with the same well-written lines with no results? Wasting time on customers who do not have any intent to buy from you. Well gone are those days, now you let your work speak. Invest in SEO!

How Google Ranks Website?

Let’s talk about how Google ranks a website and how you can get to the top of the search engine. While you consider that your website would rank better for some specific searches on Google, the results are always contrary.

As a business owner, you wonder why your website does not rank among the top. There are many components that go into ranking your website at the top of Google.

The way that Google ranks websites is by using an algorithm, a mathematical equation.

Google’s algorithm takes into account so many different components of your online presence, your backlinks, the content on your web page, the age of your website domain, a lot of different things, and all of these things are considered in Google’s algorithm.

How does it Happen?

  • When a searcher comes to Google, he opens up Google on their computer, laptop, or smartphone and types in a sentence, a question, a string of words, or one word, and they click Enter.
  • Now what happens is Google’s algorithm returns a list of results that Google has deemed most relevant and popular to the searcher’s search; how Google figured that out by calculating a bunch of little signals, adding them up, and coming back with a result for the user.
  • Google is in the business of giving users what they want. SoGGoogle’s algorithm is constantly updated to improve the usability of the users who are exploring on Google.
  • What that means for you, As a business owner, is that you have to make your website relatable and popular to the users you want to attract. Let’s think about the users.
  • First, what are they looking for? They want content and go online to get information, watch videos, listen to podcasts or audio clips, see images, and read. And that is why they use Google. That is why they search.
  • Your website exists to provide content to people searching for it. Knowing what your customers are searching for would make you rank for the searches they conduct. This is because you would not have any relevance between their searches and your website.
  • To us, factors to consider when getting your website on the top of Google are Relevance and Popularity, and your website should be the most relevant and popular result that Google can return to that searcher; that is the way to secure the top rank in Google.
  • If your website is irrelevant, it has not been updated in a long time. To maintain the top position, you require keyword research done often, you don’t know what searchers are searching for, and you’re not likely to get to the top of Google.
  • You can’t put something online and expect it to outrank all the competition for highly desirable keywords, and you have to put time or effort into your website to reach the desired goal.
  • So you want to be relevant, again you need to know who your target audience is, you need to know what these people are looking for on Google and what information you can give them about your product or business or services that will help educate them and inform them so that they can make a decision.

What You Need To Do:

  • Find out what they’re searching for, and give them the best answer possible.
  • The other aspect that you’re going to want to consider is popularity. Google calculates how popular your website is by counting the number and quality of Links pointing back to your website. Hence backlinks are so important to Google.
  • Google knows that it’s difficult to manipulate links. When another person links to your website from their website, it means that you have good content, and they want to share your content with their readers.
  • This goes on to show how good your content is, signaling to Google that your website is popular.
  • People want to link to it, and they want to connect their site to your site. That’s how
  • Google knows that your site is a good site to serve in the search engine results. GGoogle’s main purpose is to give users what they want. They want the best search results they can find. To be the most relevant and most popular website out there.

How DroidOwl Strategizes for Tampa, Florida?

You need a strategy to get Google to find your website sometimes and rank it appropriately. You need a strategy for performing target audience research to know what kind of information your target audience is looking for.

Once Google thinks your website is relevant and popular, it will rank you near the top of the search engine results, which is a huge deal. The top results in Google, as we all know, get the most clicks.

Audience Control: If you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re probably not getting a lot of traffic to your website.

  • You might be wondering why I am not ranking.
  • Do I have enough content on my website?
  • Is the content on my website written for my target audience?
  • Is it good unique, useful content, or is it written in a way that’s easy to understand?

These are things that your target audience will look for, and they will help you rank higher on Google.

Link Websites: The next thing to do is actively build links to your website from other websites. Link building can be time-consuming and tedious, so many business owners prefer to spend their time doing something else. That’s where our Experts would come in to build links for you and continually optimize your website for Google.

Fresh And Relevant Content: Another piece to being relevant to Google is how new or fresh content is. So if you put a webpage up and don’t touch it, your competitors can easily overtake you on Google.

You have to have either a dedicated team working on your website or set aside time each day to market your website. We help you get relevant and fresh content to help you get your desired ranking. And that is how you will get to the top of Google, with search engine optimization.

Backlinks for Sales:

It is one of the main areas that Google ventures into when determining how to rank websites one, two, three, and so on.

While diving deep to understand the ranking game, we come to know that Google has over 200 factors that it considers, and the number one factor that affects rankings is backlinks.

Moz interviewed hundreds of marketing experts, and they enquired what rs affect google’s rankings the most, and the majority answered backlinks.

Deep Dive Into Backlinks:

Backlinks mean linking one website linking to another website. Google works on the voting system; linking one website to another count as a vote to the Google algorithm. By including more links and maintaining the quality, you can outperform your competition and rank higher.

So, if some reputable website like Huffington Post links to you, you get a vote, and Google would rank you better than when you have linked to Mark the Plumber links to you.

When you are linked with a reputed or well-ranked website, Google knows that it’s way harder to get a link from Huffington Post than to get a link from Mark the Plumber, and ranks you better automatically.

Making Content Relative :

While Google’s algorithm changes every day, there are a few specific factors that do not change. The other constant factor is the relatability of the content and backlink. So if the Huffington post links to your plumbing website, it will not affect your ranking.

To ace this ranking game, you need to link websites relatable to the services and products you offer. So linking your website to Mark, the Plumber will get you a better ranking if you offer plumbing services.

You secure your place on the top with Google Algorithm linking to Home Depot will change your ranking because it’s very relevant, and they’re within your space. That’s way more effective than if Mark the Plumber linked to you.

So a few things Google considers while the ranking is:

  • How many backlinks do you get?
  • How many do you get overtime?

To think you can bribe a website to link to you and you can change your ranking is a total fail.

Google not only checks for relatable content but also checks Domain Authority. Software Development Company MOZ created Domain Authority, a search engine ranking score that determines a website’s success.

So, assuming you’re getting tons of backlinks, you’re getting them from related websites, and they have high domain authority, which will significantly change your ranking.

How to determine the Domain Authority? Domain authority is a form of scale that ranges from 0 to 100. 100 being like Google.com, YouTube, and Facebook, and it works like a Richter Scale.

A logarithmic scale, in which it’s way easier to go from one to 10 than it is to go from 10 to 20. So if you can get a lot of backlinks and get them from relevant sites with websites with high domain authority, your rankings will climb.

If you’re wondering what domain authority is like and what number a certain site has, you can go to AHREFS. Go to AHREFS.COM, put in a URL, and’ll prompt the domain authority.

Open Site Explorer is a paid tool, a free alternative to this. You can Google Open Site Explorer, and you would reach moz.com. You can put in a URL you want to find domain authority of and get the results.

Now that you know how backlinks work in the eyes of Google, to get links, the quickest ways are to do roundup posts.

You should email every single expert within your space, and you can include them in your roundup posts. In essence, you’re asking one question and asking that same question to every single expert within the space.

Best Of Both Worlds:

  • It’s a great opportunity for them to get free press, which is why they will participate.

    And then, once they all participate and give you their response, write amazing-looking blog posts showcasing all the responses, including their name, link to their website, and their Twitter or Facebook profile.
  • And then, from there, email each of those experts once you publish the post and ask them to share it on their favorite social network.

    By doing this, your blog will get more traffic. The more eyeballs that see your site, the higher the probability that someone’s going to link back to your site. As you get more backlinks, your rankings will also climb.

Importance of keywords:

Keywords are an important part of online strategies. Keywords can rank you at the top if positioned correctly or throw you far back if positioned randomly. Google reviews require specific emphasis. Nevertheless, acquiring reviews from multiple platforms would only improve your rankings.

You can see a significant change in your traditional rankings with Google reviews. Google reviews have impacted rankings significantly since you wish to rank better on Google. The more quality reviews you get, the higher you rank on Google.

While all your attention tends to be focused only on generating quality and quantity, there is another thing that requires your attention and focus. When assembling reviews that will show you apart from your competitors are Keywords.

Keywords: Help you achieve your goals even further. Including keywords associated with your services and products in your Google reviews would be a smart choice.

Are you wondering how DroidOwl does that? Let’s go through the process stage by stage:

  • The Local Ranking Factor Study Results, as suggested by the name, is a yearly survey among the top local marketing experts.
    They consider the factors that affect local businesses in Google searches. This result determines the factors that impact local business rankings on the Google Platform.
  • While we all know how Google reviews can drastically change your rank, how much? The 3rd most dominant pointer for ranking is quantity and quality, while traditional organic searches beg the 7th place on the list.
  • The 14th most important factor to rank in searches is including” “product” and” “services” keywords related to your business in the reviews.
  • In summary, remember to include” “product” and” “services” keywords related to your business while reviewing in Google. This plays an important part in your ranking, and its significance is growing yearly.
  • Now let’s see how we can add these to your review. You can generally respond to reviews that you might have received and choose to add keywords in your response yourself. Adding keywords would not make much of a difference in ranking, although you can start indicating the reviewers on keywords to add while giving your business reviews online.
  • You need to stimulate your customers to add keywords in their reviews themselves. You can send your customers emails and suggest how to incorporate keywords in their reviews.
  • Sometimes customers struggle with writing reviews, and to help them write reviews with keywords, and you can incorporate some review templates. This would help them write reviews that include keywords and help you rank better. You can also include suggested content in your template to provide an idea about what the reviewers must include in their review.
  • You can also include some suggested questions to trigger the reviewers to add” “services” “and” “products” as keywords. Some suggestions are,” “what service or product did we provide to you” and” “what did you like best about it” would give you better chances of attaining the keywords you desire.
  • You can increase your ranking locally by adding another question; an example would be,” “which one of our branches did you visit” this would result in the location and city being mentioned in the reviews. There are many suggestive contents available in templates.

Quick Tip: Once you have finished installing the template, you can make out a piece of message that reads, “insert your link here” “You are required to enter a link that would automatically open the Google review pop-up.

Consumers would require to use the link to provide their reviews for your business. This is an easier way to assemble reviews while building links and aligning the process immensely.

What do we offer for Tampa Businesses?

  • WE GET TO KNOW YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS: We have policies, and our consultant gets to know your and your business needs. Tactics go; those will vary a lot depending on specific campaigns. Some of the key skills and building blocks that go into having a successful SEO campaign would be keyword and analytical research.

    Finding out what potential customers search for in your industry copywriting and content creation, creating written. Visual content on your website is designed to get more people to your site and ultimately convert your business goals.
  • SERVER ANALYSIS: We always perform a devoted server analysis to know how well your website performs. Our search engines can correctly read and understand the content on your site, web design, and user experience. We are testing how to improve your website’s behavior and conversion rate.
  • COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: Getting your website on top requires managing competitions and being a step forward. We would keep ourselves updated on what your competitors have been up to online, what is working well for their web presence, and what our Search Engine Optimizers learn from it.

    Project management and communication, reports and meetings, and educating our team. While the goals and steps taken to achieve them differ for every campaign. Those are a few key foundational activities that are included in our campaigns.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: While you think you can get customers and sales solely through ads, you might rethink the strategy. Social Media is one of the best platforms where your company and services could shine and give you more customers and clients.

    Customers interact with clients actively on these platforms, and here is where we can reach more people and introduce SMM. Social media websites and networks could attract new customers and interact with existing ones. This platform could assist in promoting not only products and services but the future tone, culture, and mission.
  • EMAIL MARKETING: Normally, we think email is a small advertising platform, while it is one of the best ways to update your customers on new schemes and offers. Most of the subscribers and influencers consider emailing the best way to reach out to customers on a one-on-one basis. With our customized emails, we can attract potential customers and reach better levels of understanding with current ones.
  • CONTENT STRATEGY: We have content writers on our team trained on the content we consider would outperform. We specialize in keyword content and articles. Our team makes sure the content reaching you is 100% plagiarism-free.

    Our Tampa Floria SEO Firm believes that a website would outperform and attract customers when we put out our best. The content for your websites would be unique and highly engaging.

Local Advertising Services:

  • LOCAL SEARCH STRATEGY: While we are focusing on the world, we should not forget that google local market is an area we should focus on in our locality as well. While customers search locally when they need answers and services immediately, we often forget to target those audiences.
    With our agency inTaTampa’shelp, you can outrank the websites and companies in your local area and get immediate results. These customers are helpful to grow in the long run with their reviews and appreciation.
  • MAP SEARCH OPTIMIZATION: This would include altering or arranging the entrance of Google Map so that a website receives more traffic. Increasing traffic is a crucial part of generating sales and getting more customers, and Our team will guide you to ace it.
  • LINK BUILDING & CONTENT: We have discussed the role of unique content and backlinks for better traffic growth, sales, and customers.
  • CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN: We want your website to outperform the many in the market. We provide custom web designs and have an amazing team for e-commerce as well. We help companies design and create their websites the way they would want.
  • EMAIL CAMPAIGN DESIGN: We specialize in email marketing, so there is no doubt that we could design campaigns. This is a service that we have added to our local advertising market as well.
  • PAID SEARCH ADVERTISING: We also provide paid services I google Adwords. You can reach out for our services if you need us to advertise your website on Google Adwords.

Areas We serve in Tampa, FL

AreaDo we serve?
Armenia Gardens Estates✔️
Audubon Park✔️
Ballast Point✔️
Bayshore Beautiful✔️
Bayshore Gardens✔️
Bayside West✔️
Beach Park✔️
Beach Park Isles✔️
Bel Mar Shores✔️
Bon Air✔️
Carver City-Lincoln Gardens✔️
Channel District✔️
College Hill✔️
Culbreath Bayou✔️
Culbreath Heights✔️
Culbreath Isles✔️
Davis Islands✔️
Dixie Farms✔️
Drew Park✔️
Eastern Heights✔️
East Tampa✔️
Belmont Heights✔️
Jackson Heights✔️
Rainbow Heights✔️
East Ybor✔️
Fair Oaks – Manhattan Manor✔️
Fern Cliff✔️
Florence Villa✔️
Forest Hills✔️
Gandy-Sun Bay South✔️
Golf View✔️
Grant Park✔️
Gray Gables✔️
Harvey Heights✔️
Highland Pines✔️
Historic Hyde Park North✔️
Hyde Park Spanishtown Creek✔️
Harbour Island✔️
Hunter’s Green✔️
Live Oaks Square✔️
Lowry Park✔️
Lowry Park North✔️
Maryland Manor✔️
New Suburb Beautiful✔️
North Bon Air✔️
Northeast Community✔️
North Hyde Park✔️
North Tampa✔️
Northview Hills✔️
Oakford Park✔️
Oak Park✔️
Old Seminole Heights✔️
Palma Ceia✔️
Palma Ceia Pines✔️
Palma Ceia West✔️
Palmetto Beach✔️
Parkland Estates✔️
Port Tampa✔️
Rembrandt Gardens✔️
Ridgewood Park✔️
River Arts District✔️
River Grove✔️
Riverside Heights✔️
Robles Park✔️
Soho District✔️
South Seminole Heights✔️
Southeast Seminole Heights✔️
Southern Pines✔️
South Nebraska✔️
South Westshore✔️
Sulphur Springs✔️
Sunset Park✔️
Swann Estates✔️
Tampa Overlook✔️
Tampa Palms✔️
Temple Crest✔️
Terrace Park✔️
University Square✔️
V.M. Ybor✔️
Virginia Park✔️
West Hyde Park✔️
West Meadows✔️
West Tampa✔️
Bowman Heights✔️
MacFarlane Park✔️
Marina Club✔️
Northeast Macfarlane✔️
Old West Tampa✔️
West Riverfront✔️
Westshore Palms✔️
Woodland Terrace✔️



While huge companies offer and promise unattainable false standards, We at www.droidowl.com provide and work to deliver. We do not set up a fake delivery standard and give you straight results.

We believe any organization, small or large, can grow and reach customers that are just right for them. We have a team of immensely experienced and creative personnel working with us to help you achieve your desired rank and would recommend the campaigns that we offer to keep your rank above your competitors.

We also provide Free Consultations, and you can request a Free Quote anytime.

  • Call To Action: Our team specializes in on-page and off-page SEO. We attract target audiences to visit your websites. We keep our content updated with the keywords that perform better than our competition.

    Increasing traffic to your website being our first goal, we take initiatives for people to land on your page.
  • Engage: Once our target audiences have reached your website, we make sure those audiences are turned into customers. We have an excellent team with us to provide them with the answers they have been searching for—engaging them with the products, services, and culture they were looking for.
  • Inspire: Social media market is a platform where we interact with potential customers and clients. We can inspire people to visit our websites with dialogue and coverage from influential people and sites.

Tampa SEO Company Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is search engine optimization a waste of money?

    No, it is not a waste of money. You may have tried searching for a specific keyword on Google or any other search engine and stumbled upon several websites. How do you know that these websites are any good?

    People search on Google every day to find the best information. Some businesses pay money to get a better position on the search engine results page (SERP). You will benefit from hiring these companies if you are in a business that requires lots of traffic.

    Online traffic is the most important aspect of running a business. If you can get your website to rank high up on the search results page, it will bring you lots of potential customers. When people see that your site is on the first page of the search results, it will convince them that your information is great.

    Many companies offers this service and claim that they can guarantee a better position on the search results page. This is true, but they can guarantee it only if you are willing to pay a certain amount.

  2. What businesses use search engine optimization?

    Search engine optimization is used for websites that want to appear high on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    It is the process of getting other sites to link to your website such that it will be ranked well by search engines such as Google.

    If you have used Google before, you have certainly noticed that the first few sites on the SERPs are sites that you have never heard of. This is because they have used search engine optimization to get to the top of the SERPs.

    So, if you want your website to do well within the search engine results, you should use search engine optimization.

  3. How do you it yourself?

    Virtually every business can benefit from search engine optimization.

    By selecting words and phrases optimized for search engine results and arranging these search terms in a targeted, engaging way on your website, you can increase your website traffic and exposure to an extensive array of potential customers.

  4. Are search engine optimization services worth it?

    It is a kind of marketing that focuses on optimizing your website for search engines. This increases your website traffic and makes it visible to your target customers.

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