Duplicate A Funnel In Clickfunnels STEP-BY-STEP Process

Duplicating a funnel in Clickfunnels

It’s not surprising that Clickfunnels is an integral part of every modern business today. Although it can seem expensive, the majority of startups prefer to use such tools for their future development. The Clickfunnels is an online area where you can apply all your funnel features, including sales, communication, and delivery. Thus, you can use flexible Clickfunnels as an alternative method of traditional websites.

But what to do if you need to use the same funnel template for different purposes? Or maybe you want to use another version of your existing funnel. Today we’re going to present how to duplicate an entire sales funnel in Clickfunnels. Make sure it will not take much time, as it is simple.

The Step-By-Step Process to Duplicating a Funnel in Clickfunnels

We are considering that the cloning or duplicating a funnel in Clickfunnels is a super easy task. There are simple instructions that you need to follow for doing this job quickly. After logging in on your Clickfunnels account, you can choose which funnel you wish to clone. Then you will press it and go to the specific page that you want to duplicate.

If you are on the page that you decided to clone, you will see the “settings” icon. Then you have to press that, and you will be able to see the “clone funnel step” button. You must select that, and then you will see the processing of cloning your funnel. If you wait a few seconds the process will be finished, and you will see a copy of your funnel.

After processing, you can see that you have added a funnel to other funnel areas. Then if you want to move it into your funnel steps area, you can press the “add to funnel” button. After waiting a few seconds your duplicated funnel will be added to your particular funnel steps. We strongly advise you to do this step, otherwise, you can confuse it later.

When the funnel is ready, you can press the “view funnel” icon next to the funnel. When you clone the funnel, it will have the word “copy” in its name. For example, if you have cloned the “marketing funnel” page it will be a “copy of marketing funnel”. Also, you can change the name of the duplicated funnel to make it clear and convenient. 

There is no doubt that Clickfunnels is one of the top ways to grow your business. It can even replace websites, other accounts, and ads as well. That’s why thousands of entrepreneurs prefer to have an individual page on Clickfunnels. As a fact, the Clickfunnels is created in 2014 and it’s worth about $360 million now.

The duplication or cloning of the funnel in Clickfunnels allows saving your time. When you want to have many similar pages, you don’t need to create them again and again. Just a few seconds, and you’ll have the same page. The only thing that you need will be to make some minor and necessary changes.

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