Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Search Optimization Company

Hiring an Search Optimization Company

If you have a good website designed from a good designing company and you still don’t get much traffic then you must know that the vehicle needs fuel.

You need your website optimized so that it can find its way up on the search engine result pages. If the website is not optimized then this means that people don’t even know you are there. For recognition and sales, you need to be getting the traffic and for that, you need to stay on the top of result pages.

If you are new to this whole thing, we will help you get through it. You need to understand that if you don’t choose the right company, your business is going to end. If you manage to get a good company, you will be getting a business that you dreamed of.

If Website is a vehicle, SEO is the fuel.

Here are some questions and you must ask

  1. Who are you working with and who did you work for?

If the company is confident to provide you with the list of their customers, it means that they have nothing to hide. You can check with the customers and ask them about the reviews.

You can check the earnings of former customers before getting this company and after. This will give you a much better idea about the future of your website.

It is an important question as from this you get to know the experience they have in this work. You may get inexperienced optimizers for cheaper rates but you must go with the experienced ones. Experienced ones charge you more but they also get you more results.

Try to choose them rightly in order to save your website from damaging in terms of ranking, domain repute and search engine trust.

  1. What else can you offer?

Services they offer

The best companies have a complete package of digital marketing. They offer content, email, social media, mobile, and PPC marketing usually. You need the whole package for good prices.

Choose a company from which you can get most of these services for some reasonable prices. Usually they offer lesser prices on some of these and get more on others. You need to find a company that gives the best over all package.

  1. How can you help with the Search Engine Ranking?

You want the company that clearly discusses the method they are going to adapt and the precautions they need to take. The companies that try to keep this stuff hidden are bad for this purpose.

They must be agreeing upon the total time as compared to the goals. As you will be checking this with many companies, you can judge them from the time they require.

They must be telling and discussing their strategies openly, if not leave them then and there.

  1. Do you abide by the Search Engine rules and guidelines?

Some companies will do more bad than the good they did. Google has publically announced some rules and guidelines regarding auto content generators, hiddens texts and other such stuff.

You need the company that follows these rules strictly because if they don’t, your website will end up badly.

  1. Do you have any succes cases?

Now why would someone want a company that hasn’t got successful in getting better rankings?

Ask them about the success cases and stories and if they don’t have any run away!

If they have some, check them before making a decision.

  1. What strategies would you use for my website?


The experienced people can give you this answer pretty quickly and confidently. You need to go for the people who take some time for this. Don’t go with the people who answer too soon or too late.

Most of the well known and established companies have proper patterns of strategies for different sites.

  1. Can you give me guarantee of the best results?

If someone says yes, then this means that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

It is a fishy business. No one can be sure about the future but confidence does matter. If someone says that they links and give you shortcuts then these are the people you should be far far away from.

  1. How can I know about the changes that you will make?

Regular reports are important. You need the information about where are the changes and how are they helping. Some companies offer monthly reports some can even offer weekly reports.

You need the one that gives weekly reports. This way you get the idea yourself and you also get experienced in this matter. This gives you the experience to handle these guys better.

  1. What pricing plans do they have?

Different companies will offer different plans for different services. You have to get someone who takes money for the whole job and asks the money gradually.

  1. What if I don’t like the results?

Now this can be the most interesting of all. You can get the idea of their confidence and experience. They must be willing to work according to you. You just can’t put your website in their hands.

This must be it

They must be willing to make their results better if you don’t like the previous ones.

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