How to Cancel Clickfunnels? STEP-BY-STEP Process

Canceling Clickfunnels Subscription

It’s a known fact that Clickfunnels is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to develop your business. This is a very flexible and modern tool with great opportunities and perspectives. On the other hand, lots of people might reject Clickfunnels and regret their subscription. What do they have to do in such cases for maintaining their money and reputation?

As we have already mentioned, the Clickfunnels is a flexible account and will not make you upset. As a reminder, when you open the Clickfunnels account, you can have 14 days free trial. Let’s imagine that you forget to cancel your Clickfunnels account after free trial. In such cases, you can apply for a refund, otherwise, just follow our instruction for canceling your subscription.

The Step-By-Step Process on Cancelling Clickfunnels Subscription

If you understand that the Clickfunnels isn’t for you after your subscription, you can easily cancel it. Just some simple steps and you will cancel your funnel account within a few clicks. After logging in your account, click the “Profile” circular button which is in the right corner of your dashboard. Then you should select the “Account Billing” and wait a few seconds for processing.

There you can see the “Cancel Account” icon, which includes 3 steps for final cancellation. The first step is a yellow “Cancel my subscription” button. After this, the page will prompt an exit survey, and you must choose one of the suggested options. The third step offers free training and an opportunity to use the Affiliate Program by selecting “Pause”.

Canceling Clickfunnels
How to Cancel Clickfunnels? STEP-BY-STEP Process 6

Selecting the “Pause” button means that you will have access to your funnels although they are not active pages. Moreover, you will not be able to release new funnel pages during the Pause. After canceling your subscription, you will not have an active Clickfunnels account. But it doesn’t mean that you reject your account irrevocably. 

Taking into account that the Clickfunnels is a versatile tool you will be able to reactivate your page. Again you have to log in and subscribe to the account you like. This function is for extreme situations when you cannot make a final decision about your accounts. Thus, Clickfunnels has every chance for every decision.

In general, Clickfunnels does not aim only to make money from its users. It’s a friendly and effective area to create your online business. You can create a page, duplicate it, delete it or cancel it whenever you need it. It’s up to you which of the mentioned functions to use and Clickfunnels will suggest the relevant instructions.

The most eye-catching detail of your Clickfunnels account is that you will not waste your time and money. Almost every function including canceling the account is easy and fast to use. Even in the case of canceling the Clickfunnels won’t be “angry” to you and will do its best to support. You can cancel your account before your free trial or ask the Clickfunnels for a refund after a free trial.

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