Savoring Social: The Recipe for Effective Restaurant Marketing

Restaurant Social Media Marketing

It’s not enough to sell at your restaurant, you need people talking about it. Customers and potential customers are looking for more than just someone who can cook a good meal; they want the whole experience of dining out in an enjoyable environment with authentic food that enhances their day-to-day lives.


Why settle for anything less? The world has become accustomed to social media as one part of every industry — so why neglect this aspect when marketing your own business or creating customer loyalty through word-of-mouth advertising? Whether you’re adding new dishes on Facebook stories or posting photos from last night’s dinner party within Instagram, be sure that all these channels have cohesive content without redundancy!

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Concentrate on a customer’s overall dining experience, including digital. A human’s taste buds aren’t the only body parts that can determine whether they like something or not, it’s also how their eyes react to certain aesthetics and how their ears listen in as waiters chat with each other about what went right…or wrong during last night’s shift.

Be free with your online marketing strategy and take the time to cater to each of your customer’s senses! Smell, taste, sound, and sight should all be included. One way of doing this is by sharing what customers can expect under each heading during social media updates. Just think about how a visitor would feel if they read a review about your dining establishment while their mouth waters at the thought of tasting freshly-made albondigas.

For example, a customer can read into online reviews accounts of how an entree is prepared on-site and roasted to perfection – so they’re looking forward to biting into it with their teeth. They also see that you use only the freshest ingredients to prepare your menu items – so by combining these two details already told, the customer can accurately predict how their mouth will water with expectation while chewing juicy morsels!

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Nowadays, multiple senses are used when writing reviews about the food. A new reviewer might describe a meal as “tastes like cardboard” or they might refer to a dish as “had so much salt it was inedible.” These two terms are not going to bring new customers in; people looking into eating at your restaurant will become hesitant after reading that kind of review.

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Customers want to read about mouth-watering cooking or smell that waft through the air during the day and all the way into the night. They want their taste buds to burst with flavor from bites so delicious, they don’t think about going anywhere else for at least a couple of months.

The next time you create a social media update, instead of just mentioning that your restaurant had a great first month…or hating on an ingredient such as kale or claiming your kitchen makes the best burger in town…make a statement about something other than yourself or your food! Tell your followers what they can see, smell and taste when they come to dine at your place!

Catering to as many human senses as possible has become an important marketing strategy. It’s time for you to do the same by incorporating a more humanistic approach to your social media marketing efforts.

If you want to get your restaurant off the ground and attract new customers, it’s time to make sure that all of your online platforms list real details about every aspect of dining at your establishment – without repeating yourself with every single post or update!

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