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Overall, the SEO efforts have put this website in good stead. This started with great keyword research before proceeding to the optimization aspect. Going for high-traffic keywords in relation to our niche and including them within the content in the most organic way has really helped to ramp up the visibility of the site. The pointed approach that was integrated further demonstrates the tremendous total impressions of 21.3 million recorded over the reporting period. We’ve also reworked our meta titles and descriptions to make them more appealing and in line with search intent, which helped to boost our CTR.

Our efforts were directed not only at on-page SEO but also toward the technical bits of the website. Improvements to the site speed, mobile friendliness, and the removal of crawl errors are all important elements for a good user experience on the site and help us to improve our average position. Technical optimizations, in combination with regular updating of the sitemap, as well as strong internal linking strategies, have resulted in a consistent rise over time in the number of impressions and clicks. Our SEO approach, meant to balance the ideals of content relevance against technical excellence, has been fully responsible for driving this consistent growth, as demonstrated in the search performance metrics.

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