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  • 5 August 2021
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You might be wondering what is the best way to promote your dental clinic. Well, we get it! You’re not a marketing expert and you don’t want to take on an expensive project that may fail. That’s why internet search engine optimization (SEO) can help gain local visibility for your company by focusing on all of those online searches which are looking for dentists like yourself in their area.

With SEO services from our agency, you’ll have more time with patients while allowing us to do the heavy lifting when it comes down to promoting this website locally through organic rankings across Google and Bing Search Engines so customers will find out about how amazing they really are even before they arrive at your doorstep or call up asking if there any openings! As local SEO experts, we’ll not only help you win over the local search engines but also educate you about how to maintain your local visibility in order to help keep you on top of the competition.

Dental SEO Services

Regardless of whether your dental practice is a small office or a large chain, local search engine optimization will be an effective investment for any dentist serious about local results. We’re proud to work with neighborhood dentists, local SEO experts who genuinely care about your bottom line.

The local dental market is full of competitors and also the best way to get ahead is through local SEO. When you use local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing services from our local SEO agency, we’ll ensure that your marketing and advertising services are focused on local SEO keywords. You’ll have a full-service partner working with you to ensure that your online presence is as effective and successful as possible. In fact, we will also help you understand how search engines like Google work so that you can build new website content which will match perfectly what people are looking for in their area.

We will get you ranked in Google and Bing Search Engines for your target keywords so that patients who are looking for a dentist like yourself can find you by utilizing the local search engine results pages! With our services, you’ll be able to fill your schedule more efficiently while educating your potential customers about what they can expect from your practice and how we can make it better.

By hiring our local SEO services, you will be able to take advantage of 30 years in the dental field as an expert marketing specialist.

Customer Testimonial

My name is Dr. William D. and I’m the owner of a dental practice in Austin, Texas. We hired the Local SEO Agency to improve our ranking on Google and Bing for local search terms like Austin dentist or dentists in Austin TX. They were able to get us into the top 3 rankings within a month of launching our campaign, which resulted in an increase of over 1,100% to our organic traffic. We also got new patients and were able to triple our ideal client profile within that same time period. I highly recommend them for any dental practice looking for help with their online marketing!

Dr. William D.

Case Studies

Dental Clinic, Austin, Texas

The dentist needed to triple their website traffic and calls in one month. After launching our local SEO services, they saw a 1,100% increase in Organic traffic and 34 new leads! We also helped them increase their Bing and Yelp presence.

Dental Practice, Southpark, Texas

Website traffic increased 135% and lead generation increased 600% after launching our services. We also helped them increase their Yelp presence by 35%.

Dental Clinic, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Before local SEO services were implemented, the dental office’s website was not ranking in Google for any relevant keywords. After launching our local SEO campaign they saw a 516% increase in organic traffic and received over 15 new leads!

Family Dentistry, Mesa, AZ

This dental practice had 6 months of stagnation even after making several improvements to content on their website. We were able to triple their organic ranking in Google in just 3 months! They also saw a 41% increase in online leads and 7 new patients every month after launching our campaign.

Pediatric Dentist, Queens, NY

This dentist wanted to spread his expertise throughout the city of Queens by landing page optimization for local search. We were able to get him a top 10 ranking on the search engines for dentists in queens.

Dentist, Chicago, IL

We helped this dentist gain over 500% more organic traffic and build a 5-star reputation online through their website and online reviews.

If you’re interested in local dental search engine optimization, we’ll help you win the battle for top rankings in Google and Bing. By using our own SEO methods we’ve designed specifically to get you ranked, you’ll be able to see an increase in online leads and website traffic fast! Our Local SEO experts have helped over 40 different dentists and specialists get ahead of their competition and we’re ready to do the same for you!

Dental SEO Expert

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 with our local SEO services:

Step #1 – We’ll send you a dental marketing campaign proposal that includes a detailed plan of how we will help you gain more online leads. You get to choose the best investment package that works for you and your practice!

Step #2 – We’ll implement the campaign according to plan and track your progress via weekly reports. If you’re not happy with our services, we don’t charge for anything. So go ahead and try us out!

Step#3 – Enjoy seeing your online leads and website traffic increase!

Contact DroidOwl today and launch your dental marketing campaign to the top of the search engines! We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

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