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After DroidOwl implemented local SEO strategies for the pediatric dentist in Queens, NY, the practice saw a significant increase in leads and patient appointments. By optimizing the business profile with relevant keywords, ensuring consistent and accurate information across all platforms, and encouraging positive customer reviews, the practice improved its visibility in local searches. The addition of high-quality photos and targeted local advertising based on geographic insights also played a crucial role.

Increase local calls and customer footfalls.
  • Optimized Business Profile: Ensured that the business name, address, phone number, and other details were accurate and consistent across all online platforms, improving search visibility.

  • Keyword Optimization: Used relevant keywords related to pediatric dentistry in the business profile to enhance discovery searches.

  • Encouraged Customer Reviews: Promoted the collection of positive reviews from satisfied patients to boost the business's credibility and visibility in search results.

  • Increased Photo Quantity and Quality: Uploaded more high-quality photos of the office, staff, and services and encouraged customers to add their photos, making the profile more engaging.

  • Analyzed and Targeted Local Areas: Used insights from direction requests to identify key geographic areas and targeted local advertising and marketing efforts accordingly.

  • Improved Customer Interaction: Made the website link and phone number prominent on the profile to increase customer actions such as website visits and direct calls, ensuring staff availability during peak call times.

67 Website Visits

53 Direction Requests

165 Calls

From The Client

"DroidOwl's strategic approach, including enhancing our business profile and encouraging positive reviews, has made a difference."

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