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We have made quite a few effective improvements to improve the SEO of ColorViewFinder. The first among them was content quality and relevance. All the keywords to be inserted could be done quite seamlessly and in proper relevance to the content, thus suiting the search intent of the users. It has also been great at visibility and driving more organic traffic to the site. Further, we had our title tags and meta descriptions optimized, thereby improving our CTR. This is reflected in the constant growth in total clicks seen throughout the reporting period.

On the other hand, we have been able to work on the site’s technical SEO features. For example, we took care of improving the loading speed of the site, making it mobile-friendly, and serving a great user experience. Working on these technical features has increased the average position of our pages on search results and has made the user experience a positive one upon visiting the site. These efforts are directly related to the growth of total impressions and its significant increase in clicks.

More importantly, towards the end of the reporting period, where much of this can be attributed to ongoing monitoring and adjustments based on best SEO practices. Also, high-quality backlinks for the website have been built that would help in contributing to its authority and credibility.

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