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SEO for eCommerce

With E-Commerce Industry on the boom, we can see people entering the domain every day. No doubt the industry which is yet in its developing stage and despite being here for years, is still as attractive for the newcomers as it was before. It is a fact that e-business possesses vast earning avenues for both: the ones that are already in the retail business and the ones without any background knowledge. However, it’s still not that easy to be successful here as with any other business.

Undoubtedly, the current world condition that we are living in the technology era is a blessing in disguise for the E-commerce Industry of the world, as people all over the world are looking to fulfill their needs from the internet due to lockdown. But even in these days, it’s not that easy to sell online and not every Online eCommerce site is booming.

Ecommerce Funnel
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Whether it is an online grocery store eCom funnel or any other type of E-commerce Website, only a few can reap the fruits of the virtual market.

To be successful in this domain nowadays, the knowledge of customer psychology and marketing is not only enough. Technical skills such as SEO, knowledge of Search Engines, and understanding of Web Crawler, often termed as Google Crawler or just Crawler is also equally important.

If you have read this far, you are in the process of launching your eCommerce business, or you have started. Just to mention, it’s never too late, and in today’s fast-moving world, swift actions are needed to keep up the pace and stay ahead of the competitors.

Although this blog is more targeted towards the eCommerce checklist for websites to be successful in this domain, the first step forward is to develop your own and customized SEO strategy that matches your goals, the market you are targeting, and the product you are selling. There are a few ways that would help make the strategy.

The first step to do is your keyword research; the most straightforward way is to use google search for this. Make sure the keywords you choose are small. Next is to analyze your competitors that are listed when your keywords are searched. You can use SEO Tools (paid/unpaid) to investigate the patterns.

Based on the above data, you can increase your online presence by optimizing your website content and building up backlinks and forward links.

Keep in mind to set up goals; these should surely be tangible such as to upgrade your search engine ranking to a certain level.

Make a Schedule for SEO Audits / Site Audits after the regular interval in which you analyze your website content update keywords and other key indicators that affect your SEO Ranking.

Once the strategy is finalized, it’s time to follow it step by step to achieve your goals and promote your website and your business by many folds.

5 Point eCom checklist
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We have discussed the five essential tips in detail for you to follow and succeed:

Uniqueness & Value of your Content:

First are the uniqueness and the value of your content not only for the customer but also for the search engines. This can be a significant challenge, but it must be done to increase your website’s organic visibility. To increase keyword saturation, your pages should be content-rich. Your category pages should be unique, and categories should be well defined, with consistent brand messaging across all pages.

Dealing with product pages is very difficult to write in detail for every product, especially when you have thousands of similar products. But it’s a must and will be necessary to enhance the customer experience. Not only the user experience is kept in mind, but also, To rank your website on Google, you must follow the guidelines provided by them. Copied or duplicate content is a significant issue, as also mentioned by google in its guidelines.

Web browser/mobile device friendliness:

Mobile friendliness
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Second is Web browser/ mobile device friendliness; your online shop must be friendly and browseable through every web browser that is widely used in the market. Be it Chrome or Firefox or even Internet explorer. The website shouldn’t lag or slow to browse. Images should be easily scrollable and openable. Although browsing/site speed is also linked to many other factors, all should be catered to enhance user experience.

With the majority of customers having smartphones, the website should be mobile friendly as well. It should be easily scrollable and searchable on a small screen.

Online Privacy & Data Security:

eCommerce SEO 2020 Security
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Online privacy and data security order of the day, and online users are getting awareness by every passing day. It’s pretty much preferred by users to use a platform that keeps their information and data safe. The ultimate goal of an online shop host is to get the visitor to use his debit or credit card. This can only happen when the customer feels that his data is safe in the hands of the website host, and no breach is accepted. For this, we have HTTPS not only for the search engines but also for the end-users as well. HTTPS encrypts user data, which is to be transferred between servers and websites. So to provide the customer with a sense of online security, Hosts must get HTTPS protection form the service providers.

Customer Reviews & Feedback:

Next are the Customer reviews and feedback about your products website and overall browsing experience. Generally, all sites are selling similar brands/ products. Yet one platform is successful, and one is not. The only reason other than the technical ones is the user experience. But how would you know what the customer likes and dislikes about your platform? What’s the idea that potential customers leave your website without even getting to the payment options? Or go there shopping Cart never filled with revisiting you.

There are two ways you can analyze the reasons for low conversion rates. The first is to get feedback from the customers and potential customers as well. For example, when the visitor stays on the website for a particular time, he/she gets a pop up asking for feedback about the site.

Other than that, Google analytics can be used to trace the exact action and points where the visitor stays and leaves the website.

Voice Search Options:

Finally, it’s the Voice search options, for example, Alexa, Cortana, or Google assistant. With voice search options available, it’s time to embrace the change and get along before you get behind. While designing the website, you must keep this feature in mind.

We tried to discuss and emphasize some of the critical tips that you can include in your E-commerce SEO checklist. These surely will make you the winner of the future.

We hope it will help you in kick-starting your E-commerce journey!

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