Expert Secrets | Ultimate Playbook to Create Tribe Ready to Take Action

The book, Expert Secrets, written by Russell Brunson, teaches about creating a personal brand around your business. The Dotcom secrets author shows you how to build a faithful following, hungry to take your advice on products and recommendations. By the way, the actual name of the book is “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook For Creating A Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay For Your Advice.” As we look inside Expert secrets, I’m hoping that you find the answers you’re looking for.

Meet the Author – Expert Secrets Book

Russel Brunson has more than proven himself to be a talented internet marketer, a long time mentee of the renowned author and marketing strategist, Dan Kennedy, he is the CEO and co-founder of a software company, ClickFunnels, a highly engaged and successful tool used in creating sales funnels in a relatively short period for a wide variety of businesses.

Whatever business you’re running, whatever idea you’re trying to sell, whatever knowledge or skill you’ve acquired, which you think is worth people’s money and time. This book gives you all the tools you need to monetize that message. You’re getting the chance to provide advice and be paid in return; it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

The Book

Split into five sections; it’s a book that addresses the belief patterns that stop online marketers from becoming amazing selling machines. It provides you with secrets that will surely turn you and your brand into a ‘charismatic leader’ and an expert business, respectively.

Firstly, the book gives you insight into how to become that confident leader that your followership can look up to. The next phase is message building; you have to find content that your audience will appreciate, whatever it is you can sell, you should give them something bigger than yourself that they can rally behind.

Afterward, it’s time to show your followership how your product can affect their lives, for the better, of course. The truth is, people are continually looking for how to get rid of their problems, whether that’s in the form of trying to lead healthier lives or weight loss, show them that you can solve that problem through your message, and the rest, they say, will quickly fall into place. Read about the OFA challenge.

In case…

Did I mention that there’s also a money-back guarantee? You heard me right. If you purchase this book and ultimately become unsatisfied with its contents, Russel Brunson will gladly return your money. So, either way, getting this book is practically risk-free, you may only lose your time, of which I can quite confidently assure you probably will not.


You may not getter any better chance to grow your company other than reading this book, of all the numerous marketing books out there; there may never be an opportunity as golden. Our most honest advice is that it’s a business book very much worth reading. There are numerous potential customers out there, all looking for the right content, it’s high time you started filling your funnel for the people who will pay. It’s time to get your copy of expert secrets today.

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