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Today we’re going to be taking a look at the top Apps for Android. The first application we’re checking out is called


cool apps for android brashpad



Brashpad comes under best free android apps and sets wallpaper of the week. When you open it up, it’s pretty cool because you have different wallpapers to choose from. Now there are pre-sets so basically you can tap and you can change the colors, shapes, and even change the opacity of different shapes. What I like to do to save some time is just keep on tapping on this dice to find that randomized one that you like. You can just save it or can set as your wallpaper.

Next in the list of Cool apps for andoid is


The second app in our list of cool apps for Android is Chromer. It too comes under the best free apps for android list as well. With this application, you have an internal browser in every application that has an external link so first you set your default browser. You can also choose a secondary browser.

Let’s see Chromer on Twitter, Twitter has a lot of third party links that you can tap on.  On clicking the link, it will take it to the website in this internal website life form on your Twitter which is pretty cool. Chromer at the moment it gives you an internal browser within Twitter or any other app. You also have option of adding the link to your home screen, coping the link and refreshing it and if we want to go back to twitter we can do so by just clicking the close button on upper left corner. It’s really smooth, easy to use, fast, simple and actually loads faster.

Next in the list of top 10 android apps is


Triller App free and available in the Google Play Store. Now with this application that helps you make a music video with any song you have on your phone or any song that they have. What you do open it up is tap on one of these buttons so you press the plus and they have a couple of popular songs out there so they have the new Tiger song. If you have your own music you can do that as well once you select the songs selected and then you select how long you want the song to play for so if you want it for 15 seconds you can you select check, then it pops up.

With this what you do is you can either go elsewhere mode for Instagram or maybe if you want to go wide motive let’s do that as well and down there you can choose whether or not you want some filters and just press record and it’s going to count down three so get ready and then it starts playing songs. Press the button and it will create into a video.

Next application is

Clipboard Actions

Clipboard Actions is the fourth app in our series of Cool apps for Android. Clipboard Actions a pretty cool application which increases the android copy paste capabilities. When you copy to clipboard android, it allows you to have different options in the notification. I’m just going to go into my messenger, load it up and select a random number, then copy the number and then go into notification and clipboard actions gives the option to call this number or I can to go onto the internet with it or may be a dictionary reference, search it up or open it on Google Maps if its direction or a place. You can also translate it or make it into a QR code. There are some other copy paste android applications that copy to clipboard android, however, I find Clipboard Actions to be the most easy. This is the main reason why it joined the list of cool apps for android in the first place.

Next application which is called

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

cool apps for android avast wi-fi finder

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Avast Wi-Fi Finder is on the top when it comes to the best free android apps. This application allows you to find free Wi-Fi around your area. I’m in New York and you can see the 3d buildings. Basically all the blue little Wi-Fi icons are free Wi-Fi that you can go to and get free Wi-Fi. So for example if I tap on any one of the Wi-Fi icon it’s going to tell me where that Wi-Fi is.

Avast Wi-Fi Finder app will also tell you the security, the unknown speed or the ratings of other people but not a lot of people actually use this application so they don’t actually tell you great information that you could have. Mostly all the Wi-Fi locations that I found are pretty much blank and all they do is tell you where the Wi-Fi location is. It doesn’t it tell you the strength, how well the speed is. Avast Wi-Fi Finder just shows you the free Wi-Fi in that area. All in all, Avast Wi-Fi Finder finds its way in the top apps for android.

The next application is

SD Maid

cool apps for android sd maid

SD Maid

SD Maid is free in the Google Play Store and it cleans up your system files that are not necessary on your phone taking up too much space. Right now I am currently on their beta mode. You can go into quick access and here you can scan everything.

The corpse finder will find files from applications that you uninstalled because the application left it behind. So we’re going to scan it you can also do a regular system clean, do app cleaner and this will clear the cache and you can do databases. You can also find duplicates on your phone so if you refresh that it’s going to be in queue, you can find the biggest files on your phone so it in queue as well and it does it one at a time.

Now in the search of Cool apps for Android, we are going to check out some games. The first game I have for you is called

Cut the Rope: Magic

The first gaming app in our list of Cool apps for Android is Cut the Rope: Magic. Cut the Rope Magic is free on the Play Store. There are so many Cut the Ropes now that it’s hard to keep track of them. The new thing about this is the fact that you can tap on the Green Monster and it will turn into an animal suitable to complete the stage. If you tap on it, he turns into a bird now we can float. If you tap on him again you are just going to fall. There’s also magic in the air so if you slice the rope it will make him flow because there’s magic of course! Believe me you are just going to love Cut the Rope Magic.

After Cut the rope magic, the next game we are checking out is called

Dark Echo

Dark Echo is actually $1.99 in the Google Play Store and I think this is one of my favorite in the series of top 10 android apps. It’s all about sounds so you must use visualize sound to guide your way through each stage. To move around you have to hold on the screen and your footsteps will make noise and those noise will make sound waves that go all across the room and let you see where to go pretty interesting so we’re going to go here. The colors indicate what sound it is, so if it is blue than its obviously water. The red is the monster and it will chase you and you will die if you are not fast enough. You can actually long press it and it will make this giant clap sound. You can do tip toes by tapping the screen really hard.

Next up is called


Itrousers one is free. It’s really simple game. You’re supposed to make these trousers with the fish headed go as far as possible. You can mess around with the legs. To play you have to just tap to move his legs. It’s very difficult because he falls really easily.

The last application in the series of cool apps for android is called

Bit Blaster

The last app in our list of Cool Apps for Android is Bit Blaster. Bit Blaster is free. To play you just press play press on the left side to move left us on the right side to rotate right. You grab the plus signs to enable more ammo and you have to shoot the white circles and you can’t run into the wall or else you die.

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